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Ready to tear your hair out? Read more to find ways to relieve your stress.

For many of you, it’s the week of spring break – and a rainy one at that. How you holding up? Take a break from entertaining stir crazy kids, and come on over to Here’s what’s going on in the forums this week:

Toddler Trouble
Ah, the terrible twos and threes. I bet we all have some stories to share from this delightful age! Read the tales of some toddlers, and then add a few doozies of your own!

Camp recommendations
One mom is looking ahead towards summertime for camps for her kids, but she’s hoping to find some specialty camps aimed towards her children’s interests. Some great suggestions have already been shared. Do you know of any as well?

Push-up bikinis for tweens
Abercrombie Kids created quite a stir when they began selling push-up bikinis for 11 and 12 year olds. But being that a push-up bikini might make the awkward body changes a tween is going through a little bit easier, perhaps it’s not such a bad thing. Could push-up bikinis be just one more sign of oversexualizing children? Or is it allowing tweens to feel more confident as they worry less about self consciousness over body image?

Clearing the clutter
First day of spring means SPRING CLEANING! For me, I’m mustering up the courage to get rid of a whole lot of clutter. But it isn’t easy. Baby clothes, electronics, cherished books I’ll likely never read again… Do you struggle with clutter? What are some of the items you should get rid of…but can’t?

New AAP guidelines
The AAP posted stricter guidelines for kids riding in the car. It’s strongly suggested that rear-facing carseats be used till at least age 2, that kids under 4’9” still remain in a booster seat, and that all kids remain in the backseat until age 13. Do you agree with these guidelines? Or do you feel that they’re a little too rigid?

8 ways to relieve stress
Whether you’re pregnant and trying to keep calm for your baby’s sake, or you’re a frazzled mom looking for a moment of peace, everyone needs to be able to relieve stress. I’ve shared 8 different ways to decompress, allowing you to come back to center and be the best mom you can be. If you have more stress relieving tips to share with burned out moms, be sure to leave them in the comments.

Have stories to share? Perhaps you have questions that need answers, or are seeking advice about parenting, life, marriage, and beyond? Or maybe you’re looking for moms with kids the same age as yours to form a new play group. The forums are a great way to connect with other moms, make new friends, and feel not so alone in this most important role of motherhood. Come on over to the forums and join in the conversation. Can’t wait to meet you!

Have a wonderful week!

Crissi Dillon

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Win Harvest Fair Tickets!

We’re really lucky to live in Sonoma County. Don’t you think? I mean, where else will you find rolling hills of agriculture, numerous farms to purchase fresh-from-the-garden food, and so many wonderful wineries that produce exceptional wines year after year? There are some kids in our country have never even seen a cow before, or tasted a farm fresh egg. And we live in the Mecca of all things fresh.

Next weekend, October 1st – 3rd, we celebrate the bounty of our harvest at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair. Along with wine and food tastings, the fair showcases the many different farms scattered all over our county – from dairy to honey to fresh food and more. At the fair, kids and their parents will be able to see where their milk comes from, tasting fresh milk samples while learning about the dairy industry. The young’ns will have fun running through the hay maze, and other farm-themed activities. Wine tastings, food tastings, shopping, grape stomps….

Believe me, you won’t want to miss this. And I don’t want you to either.

Hop on over to and enter for a chance to win 4 Gate Admission tickets to the Harvest Fair, as well as a Lot B Parking Pass. Answer the trivia questions, and you’re in the drawing. It’s that easy!

Good luck, and happy harvest!


Santa Rosa Mom Recap For April 1st

There’s a lot of activity going on over at Santa Rosa Mom. Have you visited the site yet? In case you haven’t, here’s a recap of what’s been posted this past week.


April Fools’ Day was a sacred holiday in my house growing up. And my mom was the main conspirator. We would eat muffins that had been spiced with red pepper, pranked into believing a tall tale until she finally let us know who the fools were, and at night our beds would be short-sheeted so that our feet would only reach to halfway down the bed. But we’d get her back. Her prized garden would be threatened by the made-up story that her goat had gotten out and was munching all her vegetables and flowers…at 5 in the morning. Or we’d change all the settings on her car radio so that they only turned to one radio station. And in later years, one of us girls would feign pregnancy.  Is April Fools’ Day a holiday in your home too? What kinds of pranks did you pull as a kid? And how do you fool your family now?

The beginning of April is also an exciting time because it’s the start of a new challenge! Don’t worry, this one is much easier than last month. Think back to all the times when your child pulled some sort of naughtiness and you found yourself wondering, “What were they thinking???” If you’ve kept up on the Taz in my blog, you’ll know that I utter these words at least once a day. Well, this month’s challenge is to take those “precious” moments and capture them on film. Together we will be able to laugh about those very things that we may not have found very funny in the moment, like when they unrolled the whole entire roll of toilet paper or when they squeezed all the toothpaste out of the tube just for kicks. Need an example? Check out the Taz’ latest adventure involving a full bottle of laundry detergent.

With Easter right around the corner, no doubt you are busy hard-boiling eggs and preparing for the arrival of the Easter Bunny. In our house, we always saved at least one egg and tried to make it pure black. Of course, it would always be the first one in the dye, and then the last one to be done coloring. And the egg inside would always be a kind of gray matter that nobody really wanted to eat. There’s no doubt in my mind that many families have much better ideas for making a beautiful colored egg. Do you have any tips and techniques for coloring Easter eggs? And let’s not forget the Easter baskets. The contents of an Easter basket vary from family to family. As kids, our baskets always had jellybird eggs from See’s Candy, speckled chocolate Robin’s Eggs from Cadbury, and of course it wouldn’t be Easter without the classic Cadbury Egg with the creamy filling.  To make sure that we didn’t get cavities from the overload of sugar, the Easter Bunny was always faithful in leaving a brand new toothbrush as well.  What kinds of treats do you include in your Easter basket?

This week’s Mom Spotlight goes to one of our newest members, Amanda. Amanda just recently moved here from Missouri and has an 18 month old toddler. She is hoping to meet other moms of young children, and to make some new friends for herself and for her daughter. Won’t you go over to her Santa Rosa Mom profile page and wish her a warm hello?

And lastly, don’t miss some of the events that are posted in our Events Calendar. Today there is a seminar on Stranger and Internet Safety, giving families the tools on how to be safer with strangers, and how to navigate the internet safely. Tomorrow, My Gym will be hosting their Spring Break Open House where you can learn about their summer camp and their schedule for the summer. Plus, there will be plenty of fun at this event for the little ones! And on Saturday there will be a Spring Egg Hunt for Tots. The times are staggered for the different age groups to give each child an advantage in finding treats hidden in the grass of Howarth Park’s Softball Field. But hurry to register, space will fill up quickly! You can check out these events and so many more at our Events Calendar.

Have a wonderful rest of your week, and a (hopefully) beautiful weekend for egg hunting and celebrating with your family.