5 reasons for the blues

I've been a real ray of sunshine on this blog as of late, haven't I? I hate that the last several posts have been so negative. I'm afraid I'm becoming one of those people that use social media to complain - the very people I eventually unfriend on Facebook because I can't take their negativity... Continue Reading →

Leaf Project Lasagna

I don’t think there is anything more heavenly than a full meal already made and frozen in my freezer. I have been inundated with doing school projects with my kids for the past week, plus fighting off a cold that is threatening to be nasty (what does it mean if my normal temperature is 95,... Continue Reading →

Cabin Fever

My kid is on his second day home from school, thanks to a slight fever that renders him banned from school, but still well enough to not be sick. It appears that I dodged the Swine Flu this time..... But nevertheless, he still needed to stay home. I have been sitting with him all day while he does his homework, making sure that he doesn’t sneak outside to play with his friends and give them the flu. We have spent a lot of time together today, just him and me. And there is only one sentiment that can truly describe today......

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