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Himalayan Salt Sole

So remember when I went in for a massage a few weeks back, and came out with a recipe for Himalayan Salt Sole?  Well, I’m on the third or fourth week of drinking a bit every day, and let me tell you, this is a magical elixir.

First off, let me give you a recap of what Himalayan Salt Sole (or salt brine, as it’s also called) is.

Note: I’m not an expert on this, but I play one in my blog.  I have received most of my information from several different websites, particularly this one, and from personal experience.

To make the sole (pronounced so-lay), you take a jar of water and add 3-4 Himalayan Salt Crystals to the bottom and let it sit overnight.  If there are still crystals the next day, it’s ready.  It means that the water has become so saturated with salt, the crystals are unable to dissolve any further – there just isn’t enough room in the water.  However, if the crystals are all dissolved, add another crystal or two and wait till the next day.

In a Cliff Notes version of what Sole is, it’s basically liquid sunlight, or as we know it, a pure form of electrolytes.  Consuming the sole creates energetic vibrations throughout the body that last a full 24 hours.  A more detailed (and slightly new-agey) description can be found here.

More than drinking sole, you can breathe it in through steam, bathe in it, rinse your eyes, and many other uses for it.  But I had very specific reasons for needing to drink the sole.  I suffer from what doctors like to blanket as IBS.  Basically, the #2 function just doesn’t work like it should.  But when it does, hooboy.  I can go 3-4 days without a movement, and then I’ll be praying to God from the porcelain throne until the pain has subsided and my insides are turned inside-out.

I’d say more, but I wouldn’t want to give you TMI.

Basically, I just needed to be regular in all senses of the word.  And I preferred to do it naturally.

Next, I was constantly dehydrated.  I tried to drink enough water, and I know I failed.  But still, water seemed to just go through me without actually curing my thirst.

Salt Sole

I began taking one teaspoon of sole in a glass of water every single morning before I even had my first sip of coffee.  And then I waited 30 minutes till eating anything.  The first day, it took only 45 minutes before my stomach started gurgling and I was running to the bathroom.  Worse, I was at work.  Worse still, this went on for multiple episodes for a full hour or so as I ran back and forth.  And it felt horrible!

However, I was determined to give this a fair shot.  So the next day, I timidly did it again.  My stomach rumbled at me a little, but everything managed to remain calm.  But on the third day, pain and misery again.

But that was the last of it.

Ever since then, things have slowly been returning to normal.  The past week I have been regular almost every day of the week.  And I have not suffered a painful episode since.

And there’s more.

Call me crazy, but I actually feel this burst of energy radiating from the middle of my chest about an hour or two after I drink the sole.  It gives me this feeling of being light and happy, and just having the stamina to move around when I had lacked energy before.  It’s not as prominent now that I’ve been drinking the sole daily for weeks now, and I suspect that’s because I’m used to it.  But I do notice I’m run down in the morning when the sole has worn off, and liven up not long after I drink the sole.

Second, I am definitely more hydrated.  I am now encouraging this hydration by making sure I drink at least 4 glasses of water along with the sole a day.  Slowly I’ll build up to 8.

Third, I have noticed I have less desire to cheat with food.  Sure, the impulse is still there.  But it’s easier to fight through it.  I think it’s because I’m more hydrated.  I’ve heard that many times when you want to snack compulsively, your body is really crying out for water.  All I know is that it’s been a week since Easter, I can legally eat chocolate, and I don’t feel that major calling to indulge.  This goes for all unclean foods, and I’m not as hungry as I used to be.

At any rate, I’m totally a believer in this solution.  I’ve even been using the sole in my nasal rinses, and it works just as well as the packets of salt I usually use.

Final tips: 

– I noticed that the sole was hard to drink on an empty stomach when I added it to cold water.  I began adding it to warm water, and can drink it easily.

– Metal should NEVER touch the sole solution.  That means metal spoons, and metal lids.  Use a plastic cap or cork on the jar, or go like me and put saran wrap in between the cap and the jar.  The reason is that for some reason, the sole reacts negatively to metal and will not be as effective.

– Table salt, Sea Salt, or other kinds of salt will not create the same benefits of Himalayan Salt Crystals.

– It’s recommended you give up coffee since it works against the health benefits for your intestines.  At the very least, try to drink coffee closer to the afternoon to give the sole a chance to work its magic.

– Read up more on Salt Sole at himalayancrystalsalt.com or through books like Water & Salt, and always consult your doctor.

Heart and salt sole

The other day, Mr W and I were in such a stress rut from constantly needy kids on spring break and the endless demands from work that he gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

“Let’s get massages,” he said.  “I’ll pay.”

Ok, where did I find this man, and how did I get so damn lucky?

After the dinner dishes were done, we abandoned the kids (“Don’t kill each other, k?  And don’t bother calling our cell phones because they’ll be off.  Yes, even if the house is burning down, we will not answer.”) and headed to our favorite little spa in Fairfax.  From there, we soaked in a tub and enjoyed the silence.  Sure, we took advantage of the uninterrupted time to get whatever we needed to off our chest.  But all we had to talk about was work or the kids.  So silence was a lovely sound.

30 minutes later and we were called in for our massage.  I went with a short Portuguese girl, and Mr W got the leggy blonde.  My girl was extra giggly, but knew her stuff.  All of a sudden I was transported into the promised land by just her hands.  I stayed silent for the first 30 minutes except to let her know that her pressure was perfect whenever she asked.  But once I was completely relaxed, the two of us just started talking.  I learned that she was studying different forms of massage that helped pinpoint emotions, which I have always found fascinating.  In that training she was learning how to read someone’s pulse so that she could tell where that person needed work the most, what kinds of foods they should be eating, and what their body was lacking.  She encouraged me to attend a seminar at the center she volunteered at, and I asked her what they might tell me.  She said they’d probably tell me that I needed more electrolytes and to flush out my intestines.

Which was amazing because I’ve been having intestinal issues (biggest reason for going Paleo), I never feel like I’m getting enough water, and my energy level is nil.

Himalayan salt crystal, held by my lovely and ladylike daughter

From that conversation she told me about this thing called Sole (pronounced Sole-ay), an elixir made from Himalayan salt crystals and water.  I am not an expert on this, but basically you take these rock crystals and place them in water so that they’ll dissolve.  You keep adding crystals until the water contains so much salt it can’t dissolve anymore. That’s when it magically changes from salt and water to the mysterious sole.  Then, every day, add one teaspoon of the salt sole to a glass of water and drink it first thing in the morning before you’ve eaten of had your first sip of coffee.  The benefits are that it will help flush out your intestines, give you electrolytes, increase your energy, lower addictive cravings (like maybe chocolate?), clear up skin blemishes, and more.  This site has a bunch of good information on how to make salt sole and every single other way you can use it for.

And then my Portuguese princess remembered that she had a salt crystal in her purse and offered to give it to me.  All this, and she accidentally gave me an hour and a half massage instead of an hour.  I scored.

The first night I stuck the crystal in a glass of water and then just drank the water.  Saaaaaalty!  Then I learned the proper way to make sole and let it sit for a day.  Today I went to Whole Foods (they’re $3.99 a pound at our Petaluma store) and bought three more pink crystals which I added to my pre-sole.  I set it next to my mother Kombucha so they could keep each other company.  And then I got my love beads and did a hippy dance because I’m totally digging all this new-age old-fashioned stone age way of living.  I might just quit my job and live off the land, man, because all we need is love, right?

Ok fine.  I kind of like money.  And benefits.  And my iPhone with access to anything in the world should I want to look it up.

Anyway, now it’s the waiting game to see how the saltwater will be once it’s transformed into sole and rids me of my ugly intestines to give me new ones.  In the meantime, if you’re familiar with this magical elixir, fill me in.

P.S.  Forgot to mention that no metal is allowed to touch the sole, so mixing should be done with a wooden or plastic spoon only.  Also, seems that sole is very potent for a complete cleanse of the intestines.  Read: the first day or two you will be stuck to the toilet.  I won’t fill you in on the ugly details, but let’s just say if you’re anything like me and are deathly afraid of dropping a deuce (and worse) in a public restroom, you should definitely wait till it’s the weekend and you don’t have to go to work.  And Coffee doesn’t make the process any prettier.  I learned all this the hard way….