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S*** My Kids Ruined

If you have kids, you’ve heard of this site.  And you’ve seen pictures such as this:

Referring to themselves as “the strongest virtual birth control on the market today”, readers have sent in countless photos of their belongings (and sometimes their bodies) that have been ruined by their adoring children.  It goes from pretty bad, to HOW THE HECK DID THAT KID DISMANTLE THAT COMPLETELY IN 30 SECONDS TIME??? 

Of course, if you have kids of your own, you’ve seen all this and more in real life.

I still remember our poor kitty who was a little wobbly after having half of her whiskers cut off by my daughter who got a hold of the scissors when my back was turned.  This same angelic girl was also an artist in her own right, finding pens around the house even when we thought we had hidden the last of them, and creating masterpieces all over the wall in the hallway.  And like the budding artist in the picture above, it was definitely permanent.  My son, as I’ve mentioned several times before, was the chef of a very special kind of PB&J made out of bread, peanut butter, jelly, a mattress, and a hint of bedsheets.  There were clothes that became victims of projectile spit up, floors that caught the brunt of a baby’s unfinished business as she was transferred from diaper to tub, dents in my dad’s car from the kid’s bike, a small half moon shaped hole in a window at my parents’ house involving an 8 year old with a pro golf swing, a recent event of a whole case of binder paper marked with a single green dot on every single page, and of course, the laundry detergent incident, when a huge bottle of newly bought detergent was punctured with a single pushpin and poured out all over the floor in a matter of hours.

So yeah, kids wreck stuff.  And even the most diligent of parents aren’t immune to the carnage a single toddler (and, as I’ve learned, a child of any age) can leave in their trail.  And now, thanks to SKMR, we have an excuse to laugh about it — at least the s*** that other people’s kids are ruining.