The messy blending of a family

(This story will publish in the Press Democrat on June 1, 2012) A friend and I were recently in a classroom at the Santa Rosa Junior College, sharing stories of our separate blended families with Sociology students as they studied remarriage and stepfamilies. We came there with a stepmother’s point of view, and told these... Continue Reading →

Tiny waterfalls

We were watching American Idol and Coldplay was on singing "Every teardrop is a waterfall".  My 16-year old stepson, who is normally holed up in his room, has lately been making it a habit to hang out with us in the evening.  My 14-year old daughter was in the kitchen struggling with a science project... Continue Reading →

The wicked stepmother, part 1

Frizz, my (future) stepson, milled around the kitchen putting his lunch together for the school day. We were both moving around each other, doing our best not to disturb the other in the dance we did every morning. He moved like I wasn’t even there. I just tried to stay out of his way. Neither... Continue Reading →

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