Make the most out of naptime

This post published in the Press Democrat on Friday, November 30. Naptime was a sacred time of day when the kids were younger. This was especially true when the Taz, my now 11-year-old son, was just a toddler. That kid knew how to party! He would be up and running the moment he woke up... Continue Reading →

7 things to say to your toddler

(This article publishes in the Press Democrat on August 24, 2012.) Raising a toddler is much like going the opposite direction on an escalator – you have to work twice as hard to get to your destination or you’ll never reach the top. Between coaxing them to get a move on and pleading with them... Continue Reading →

"Mom? Mom? MOM???"


I heard recently that toddlers interrupt their mothers nearly 400 times a day. That is roughly 40 times during every single waking hour of their day! I find this number to be astronomical – yet completely believable. I mean, how many times have we answered question after question when we are in the middle of another conversation, or have had to finally acknowledge the “Mom? Mom? Mom?” after ignoring it (or not even hearing it, as we’ve become so used to tuning it out) the first 20 times? (more...)

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