100+ things for your teenager’s Easter basket

When it comes to Easter baskets, kids are easy to shop for. Grab some jelly beans and chocolate bunnies, gather a few small toys, add the artificial grass and voila, you have created the magic of the Easter Bunny. And then they become teens, and the Easter basket dilemma begins. First off, don’t think for... Continue Reading →

8 tips on getting through the un-merry holidays

For many, December is the season for the Christmas Blues – the time of year that becomes the most dreaded instead of the most joyous despite how many songs have the word “merry” in them. That feeling of dread only grows if you’re broke, if you are missing a loved one, if you find yourself... Continue Reading →

Gift ideas for the broke at heart

About this time every year, I can be found juggling a half-done gift list, trying to figure out how I can finish shopping for everyone on that list from the dwindling funds in my bank account. Regardless of how carefully I plan financially for this time of year, it always seems like it’s never enough.... Continue Reading →

Teaching kids thankfulness

This article also appears in the Press Democrat on Friday, November 16. The month of Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of year. It’s the season when everyone stops what they’re doing and counts all the things they have to be thankful for. I’m a huge believer in the power of positive thinking, and... Continue Reading →

Don’t rain on my Father’s Day

After a full day of running around town, I came home to a blissfully empty house. The kids were still at their dad's, Mr. W and Frizz were off on some father-son adventure, and the house was totally silent. Aaaah. It gave me the much needed time to write out the Father's Day cards to... Continue Reading →

Foolproof gift for Mother’s Day

For weeks I've been receiving emails from various companies and bloggers telling me they know the secret behind what mom really wants for Mother's Day.  One blogger thinks what Mom really wants is a good, stiff drink.  Another thinks Mom just wants chocolate.  Rubios thinks you should skip the flowers and give her a fish... Continue Reading →

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