Hope 4 Ella Day

On Friday, October 22nd, Santa Rosa Community Market is donating 10% of their proceeds to 7 year old Ella who is battling a rare form of cancer.

Chop's, a place for teens

In 1995, former Santa Rosa Mayor Charles “Chop” DeMeo left the bulk of his estate to benefit Sonoma County teens. With the help of the public, it was eventually decided how the money could be best put to use. It became a place for teens to call their own.

Worth WeeCycling Consignment Event

The Worth WeeCycling Children's and Maternity Consignment event is coming up September 10th - 12th. Families will be earning money from their gently used items, and will be saving money by buying practically new merchandise. And the event will also be helping to raise funds for a special 4 year old boy who is battling brain cancer. (read the article...)

Battling for Checkmate

In the world of ranks, files, and black and white pieces, chess is making a strong comeback. This was more than apparent at Strawberry School on May 1st where young players met for duel, a queen and her men as their weapons, for the 2nd Annual Countywide Chess Tournament. (read the post...)

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