Chop's, a place for teens

In 1995, former Santa Rosa Mayor Charles “Chop” DeMeo left the bulk of his $16 million estate to benefit Sonoma County teens and to create programs to help homeless mothers. With the help of the public, it was eventually decided how the money could be best put to use.

A place for teens to call their own.

This place is now known as Chop’s, named after the man who made it all possible. And through the years, Chop’s has evolved into so much more than a club for teens. It is a safe place to hang out after school. It is a place to learn new skills for fun, or for future job endeavors. It’s a night club for the younger crowd.

It’s the place we all wished existed when we were teens.

Teens that come to Chop’s can join the Jam Band, getting the opportunity to try out different instruments, or just listen to others creating some awesome sounds in their recording studio. There is a babysitting course that will give teens the skills they need to take care of young children, including certification for CPR and First Aid. Teens can learn how to cook, how to dance hip-hop, and gain skills for becoming a coffee barista. They can climb a rockwall, learn computer skills, play basketball… There’s a gym, an art studio, a cafe… And these are only some of the things offered at Chop’s. Plus, Chop’s holds dances 3 times a month (and yes, all events are made to be completely safe for your teen).

One of the coolest things about Chop’s is that they are not looking to make a profit. All of their classes, programs, and events are incredibly affordable – some are even free. Their biggest goal is to give teens a safe place where they can have fun and just be teens, while also giving them skills to achieve their goals and enhance their future.

Saturday, October 30th from 5pm – 8pm, the teens of Chop’s are hosting a special Halloween Carnival for kids toddler to 6th grade. See the Santa Rosa Mom events page for details on the carnival. Bring the whole family, and be sure to dress in costume. Admission is only $4 per person, and carnival tickets are 25 cents apiece.

Would your teen be interested in becoming a part of Chop’s, or maybe even helping with the carnival? You can contact the club by calling 707-284-2467 x.12, or by visiting their website at Membership is only $1 for middle school and high school students, though teens are encouraged to come check it out before committing to anything.


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