"Mom? Mom? MOM???"


I heard recently that toddlers interrupt their mothers nearly 400 times a day. That is roughly 40 times during every single waking hour of their day! I find this number to be astronomical – yet completely believable. I mean, how many times have we answered question after question when we are in the middle of another conversation, or have had to finally acknowledge the “Mom? Mom? Mom?” after ignoring it (or not even hearing it, as we’ve become so used to tuning it out) the first 20 times? (more...)

Tooth Pains

My daughter’s first dentist appointment included X-Rays of her teeth, and a positive affirmation that she indeed had an abscessed tooth that needed to come out. She was 3 years old. We had spent the day at the Bennett Valley Fire Station for their annual pancake breakfast. One of her childhood friends, a solid and... Continue Reading →

Potty Training

Potty training is probably one of the most stressful times of the toddler years. I couldn’t wait to get both of my kids out of diapers. They are expensive, they are stinky, they are tedious…. And let’s face it, when little Tommy in the playgroup is wearing big boy underwear, we want our toddler to be wearing big kid underwear too. It’s not like it’s a competition. But let’s face it. It totally is.

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