Keeping kids entertained

This article will be published in the Press Democrat on Friday, February 8. A friend of mine had to teach a group of teenagers about how seeds travel so they can germinate. Her challenge: how to teach about the topic and also keep these technology driven kids interested for more than an hour. As a... Continue Reading →

Make the most out of naptime

This post published in the Press Democrat on Friday, November 30. Naptime was a sacred time of day when the kids were younger. This was especially true when the Taz, my now 11-year-old son, was just a toddler. That kid knew how to party! He would be up and running the moment he woke up... Continue Reading →

7 things to say to your toddler

(This article publishes in the Press Democrat on August 24, 2012.) Raising a toddler is much like going the opposite direction on an escalator – you have to work twice as hard to get to your destination or you’ll never reach the top. Between coaxing them to get a move on and pleading with them... Continue Reading →

Make your own baby food

It doesn't seem like much, but processed baby food can add a hefty price to your food bill. What if you could utilize what you already have on hand to feed your baby, skipping the prepackaged food altogether?

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