Best places for Trick-or-Treating

Want the best bets for Halloween Trick-or-Treating?  Look no further!  I have compiled a list of neighborhoods that I know of around the county that are sure to have your pillow cases overflowing with candy!  Did I miss any?  Be sure to mention your favorite neighborhood in the comments. Jose Ramon Ave in Santa Rosa... Continue Reading →

A parents' guide to Halloween costumes

Creative, affordable and easy options exist for outfitting your youngsters. There is a week left until Halloween. Still don’t have a Halloween costume? Don’t feel bad, neither do my kids. By now there is no doubt that the costume shops have been completely cleaned out, save for a few mismatched items to a costume that... Continue Reading →

Calling All Moms!

As a mom, what kind of information do you want at your fingertips? Are you looking for more things around the county to do with your kids? Are you wondering what preschools are best, and what schools have the best academic scores? Are you curious about how to get your child enrolled into sports, and which one is right for you? Is there something specific you would love to see as a giveaway in one of our many contests? As the moderator of, I want to know how the site can best serve you - specifically what you would like to see more of. Leave me a comment, visit the site, or email me at and share your feedback!

Same Room, Opposite Sex

Picture a family.   There’s a mom, a dad, and two kids – a boy and a girl.  They live in a house with a white picket fence that is bordered by daffodils poking their green tips out of the earth.  Coming in and out of the house freely is a black lab with a smile... Continue Reading →

Raising a Reader

I was a reader as a child. My favorite afternoons were spent on rainy winter days, sitting on the floor heater while it rushed hot air up my back, totally engrossed in some huge book. I am the kind of reader that gets very affected by the story, actually placing myself in the main character’s... Continue Reading →

Ultra Low-Rise Jeans

Recently I received an email from a mom that I could relate with only too well. With school shopping going on right now, I thought it only appropriate to share.

Moms Pushing for Education Changes

My friend, Joe Manthey, sent me a link to this article from the Sac Bee today, and I found it really intriguing. It's about a group of moms who take California's education crisis seriously, and are actively working to put the spotlight on California's education needs while having fun at the same time.

The Lying Blogger

About 7 years ago I was pregnant with my third child. And like most pregnant women, the pregnancy was all I could think about. I belonged to an online forum of women who were due around the same time as me, and through the months we became like family. We knew about each other's personal lives, offered each other advice, and supported each other emotionally through good times and bad.

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