Moms Pushing for Education Changes

My friend, Joe Manthey, sent me a link to this article from the Sac Bee today, and I found it really intriguing.  It’s about a group of moms who take California’s education crisis seriously, and are actively working to put the spotlight on California’s education needs while having fun at the same time.

Burning Moms use humor to push for education changes in California

They think of themselves as street-theater activists who are willing to get in the face of the powers-that-be to bring equity to the state’s school funding system.

So between driving kids to soccer practice and helping with homework, these moms are hooking up online to organize their next rally or blogging about what bill in the Legislature might bring transparency to education finance.

At the Capitol last week, a loosely formed coalition called the Burning Moms staged its second annual rally at the state Capitol to protest school funding cuts.

Instead of marching with placards and chanting slogans, the Burning Moms and their kids built sculptures out of trash and danced to rewritten rock tunes performed by a band called the Angry, Tired Teachers.

Their goal is to make political activism fun and irreverent, while shining a spotlight on a public school system in crisis.

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