12 ways we keep our blended family marriage strong

My husband and I dated for a few years before we got married, living in separate households and reveling in the excitement of coming together every weekend. We’d both been married before, and were now living as divorced single parents. I longed for the time when we could finally blend our households and things could become much simpler. Boy, was I in for a rude awakening.

Tiny waterfalls

We were watching American Idol and Coldplay was on singing "Every teardrop is a waterfall".  My 16-year old stepson, who is normally holed up in his room, has lately been making it a habit to hang out with us in the evening.  My 14-year old daughter was in the kitchen struggling with a science project... Continue Reading →

Yin and Yang

We ended our day on the made bed, our bodies perfect Yin and Yang semi circles. We faced each other this way, an uneasy feeling in the pit of our stomachs as we unfurled the day in a heap between us, determined to tackle it and sweep it aside before it plagued our dreams and interrupted our sleep. For an hour and a half, Mr. W and I pulled and kneaded the situation at hand, tossing the dough of our mixed family dilemmas as we tasted bite size pieces of moving forward in some areas and reining it in with others. (read the article...)

Step-parents and the blended family

Years ago I was in a serious relationship. To be more exact, I was in the first real relationship since my marriage. It was with a recently divorced man with a 4 year old son. The first several months were honeymooned bliss, complete with fantasies about our future together when we made things more permanent. We waited a few months before introducing the kids, going out for pizza as a way to take the pressure off of the real reason for going out to dinner. The kids took to him well, and my son and his son, being the same age, easily hit it off. The next several months were great. We’d go hang out at his place and utilize his pool. And then we’d have BBQ’s in the evening. Everyone was happy. Sounds perfect, right? At first, yes. But reality has a funny way of creeping in. (Read more...)

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