When Father's Day isn't happy

A holiday that honors parents is supposed to be a happy occasion. But for many children whose parents are gone, it’s one of the worst. Father’s Day is just around the corner, and I have heard so many stories from grown children who take issue with the holiday because it just isn’t a day they want to celebrate.


Father's Day Gifts

Clumsy self portraits or lop-sided clay ashtrays may have been a sweet present to give to dad on Father’s Day when you were young. But let’s face it, your dad isn’t likely going to fawn over another amateur homemade present in your adult years. So how do we thank dad for all the times he’s made sure we checked our oil, slipped us a $20 when times were tight, or just plain let us know he loves us even if he doesn’t approve of our lifestyle?

Here's a few ideas…

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The difference between moms and dads

Growing up, I was fortunate to have both my parents in the home. My dad is a real estate appraiser, and though he worked a lot, we were often able to accompany him on local road trips when he went to look at houses. Sometimes we’d ride along with him, fascinated by the beauty of some areas that we never would have seen otherwise. Other times he would drop my mom and us three girls off at the park so we could have a picnic. He’d join us when his appointment was done.

Dad was the one who had the ideas for fun places to go and things to see. Who knew that sitting in the lobby of a fancy hotel, as if we were guests, enjoying hot chocolate by the fire could be so much fun. But with Dad, it was his way of instilling make-believe in us. (more...)

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