Father's Day Gifts

Clumsy self portraits or lop-sided clay ashtrays may have been a sweet present to give to dad on Father’s Day when you were young. But let’s face it, your dad isn’t likely going to fawn over another amateur homemade present in your adult years. So how do we thank dad for all the times he’s made sure we checked our oil, slipped us a $20 when times were tight, or just plain let us know he loves us even if he doesn’t approve of our lifestyle?

Here’s a few ideas…

Give Dad some style
Over at Starstruck Boutique (123 Kentucky St, Petaluma), they’re boasting some swanky Fedoras that are sure to put some pep in Dad’s step. I mean, how could he not look like the dapper dude with one of these stylish hats on his head? Pair it with one of their plaid men’s shirts, and your dad is going to own the town.

Give Dad time to relax
No one works harder than your dad. I mean, the way he strategically kicks back on the couch while watching the big game…that caved in cushion isn’t going to mold itself. Seriously though, no one wields a lawn mower, fixes the leaky faucet, or deals with mom like your dad. And he deserves a break. Grab a gift certificate for him from Massage Envy, which is conveniently located all throughout Sonoma County, and watch Dad define the term “kickback”.

Give Dad a socially conscious gift
Who doesn’t love unwrapping a gift bought just for them? Even better when it’s of great quality. And it’s best if in buying it, you’re making a difference in this world. Over at One World Fair Trade (106 B Matheson Street, Healdsburg), the shelves are just teeming with lovely gifts dad will love to open – like the ceramic Pig Salsa bowl and spoon made in Pomaire, Chile. The gifts bought at this store support the makers around the world who create them, providing a fair trade for their craft. And One World’s products promote the community, as well as earth friendliness. That’s a quality even your dad would approve of.

Give Dad the great outdoors
Let the mighty hunter loose in your dad by giving him fishing or hunting gear. If your dad is an outdoor enthusiast, he’ll let loose the man howl with a gift certificate from Western Sport Shop where he can find all he needs for providing food for the family, or just letting loose his primal instincts. Or if you have more than inkling of what dad might want, come on inside where you can find firearms, knives, flashers, lures, tackle, rods, reels, and even daypacks, luggage, and books on hunting and fishing.  Their Santa Rosa shop closed several months ago, but they are still in business at 902 3rd Street in San Rafael.

Give something to the new dad
Who could be prouder than a dad celebrating his first Father’s Day? Your little cherub might be too young to make him a macaroni necklace, but you can reciprocate by giving dad a Diaper Dude – a cooler, hipper, more masculine diaper messenger bag for the devoted but manly dad, and available over at My Baby News at 3011A Santa Rosa Avenue, Santa Rosa and 921 Lakeville Street, Petaluma. Not only are Diaper Dudes perfect for carrying diapers for dad’s little dude or dudette, they’re great for holding a laptop or using as a travel bag. But when strictly on diaper duty, dad can access the formula, wipes, diapers, and all else Junior needs without having to lug around the more feminine versions. And just admit it ladies, a dad on diaper duty couldn’t be sexier.

Give Dad a game of golf
Hand your dad his golf clubs and tell him his next game is on you, I guarantee he’ll be happy as a clam. Offer him a fantastic lunch to go with it, and you are bound to be Dad’s favorite for the rest of the year. So where can you get him this stellar gift of golf? Bennett Valley Golf Course (3328 Yulupa Ave, Santa Rosa). Their grounds are amazing with the beautiful Bennett Valley hills in the background and easy to walk greens. And on the premises is the infamous Legends Restaurant with its revamped clubhouse and sports bar and grill, including a juicy half-pound burger to sink your teeth into and dribble down your chin… Mmmm…. Have room for one more?

Treat Dad to a concert
Specifically one at the Sonoma County Fair! This year’s headliners are Trace Adkins on August 11th, and Huey Lewis and the News on August 9th. Not only will your dad be treated to some really awesome music, by buying two tickets you’ll become kid of the year and also get to cash in on dad’s present. Score!

Give Dad a garden
Or at least the seeds to add to the one he’s already growing. If your dad loves to garden, shower him with growth by visiting the Petaluma Seed Bank at 199 Petaluma Blvd. N, Petaluma. With over 1400 non-GMO heirloom seed varieties, books on farming, and many nature-inspired crafts by local artisans, you’re bound to find something rare and meaningful for your green-thumbed pop. If anything, go to check out the location they’ve been inhabiting for the last two years. The historic building on the corner of Washington and Petaluma Blvd N is as gorgeous inside as it is out.

And while you’re finding the perfect gift for your dad, don’t forget the most important one – TIME. Dad will love to receive something that shows how much you care. But it won’t mean anything if you don’t also take time out of your own busy schedule to spend with him. Call Dad up on the phone for a chat. Take him out to lunch. Or make it a point to drop by the house and sit on the porch with him while the two of you catch up. If your dad isn’t around anymore (and I’m so sorry if this is the case) or you don’t really have someone that you call “Dad”, take this day to honor another father or even the person that best fit the Dad role in your life.

How will you be thanking Dad this Father’s Day?


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  1. Dude, my dad would look AWESOME in one of those hats. We should get your dad one too and they could hang out together. Can you imagine? LOL

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