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Banning Epidurals

According to a Utah Lawmaker, relieving labor pain is a luxury the state can't afford.

If you are pregnant, or have ever been pregnant, chances are you are pretty familiar with what an epidural is. This is the drug that has frantic laboring women seeing God for the first time as the pain subsides to something more bearable. And it is the exact thing that Utah Senator Dan Liljenquist is proposing to be taken away from women on Medicaid to save the state some money. “Do we save some kid or make birth easier?” he asked.


Hold on, the Senator has an argument. According to him, thousands of college students are flocking to Utah to give birth, costing the state’s Medicaid thousands of dollars. Medicaid paid for 15,000 births this past year, a third of the state’s total. “These are 90 percent out-of-state students having babies on our dime,” Sen. Howard Stephenson added to the argument. College students qualify because they have no income. And yet, according to the Senator and “anecdotal evidence”, these students who are popping out kids right and left are driving fancy cars like Lexus and BMW and are set up on a trust fund.

Obviously the answer is to take away elective epidurals from everyone who is on Medicaid.

Oh, I think that the Senator might just be on to something. But first, I think he needs to do a little experiment. You know, just to see what the outcome will be like. I’m thinking that he should develop a Kidney Stone, something small like the size of a peach. And then he should pass it through the only place a Kidney Stone would pass through. No pain medication. No surgery. Just grin and bear it in the name of saving the state money. As soon as he does that, I think I might listen a little more closely to his argument.

Actually, no. I wouldn’t. But I still think he should try the peach thing.