Hacking your kids’ online accounts

A friend of mine wrote recently about an incident in her childhood that left a bad taste in her mouth. Her father had set her up on a private computer, telling her she could write about anything she wanted to without worry of anyone seeing anything. What he didn't tell her was that he'd mirrored... Continue Reading →

Cyber bullying

It's not only the bad kids who cyber bully. Your child might be the one being bullied online...or he could be the one doing the bullying.

Live birth via the internet

Lynsee at MomsLikeMe will be broadcasting her birth this month, live via the internet.  Read the article here.....  A teacher from Minnesota, Lynsee has been blogging her pregnancy to the tiniest detail.  "We wanted to share this experience," Lynsee said about the decision she made with her husband Anders.  "If I were in a classroom, I'd be... Continue Reading →

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