Live birth via the internet

Lynsee at MomsLikeMe will be broadcasting her birth this month, live via the internet.  Read the article here…..  A teacher from Minnesota, Lynsee has been blogging her pregnancy to the tiniest detail.  “We wanted to share this experience,” Lynsee said about the decision she made with her husband Anders.  “If I were in a classroom, I’d be teaching about development. It was a way for me to teach… A way for me to use myself as a textbook.”

And sure, this is a great chance for teaching about childbirth.  But wow!  I’m not so sure that I’d want something so personal broadcast to the world!  Yeah, I know.  The act of birth is miraculous, and definitely a joyous occasion.  And to the parents to be (once you get past the woman threatening her husband’s life for even touching her), it’s amazingly beautiful.  But beautiful to the rest of the world?  Hardly.  I think that the world will be more grossed out than amazed getting up close and personal with Lynsee while the miracle of life emerges.  It sounds like the cameramen are instructed to be discrete in how much they show, thank goodness!  But still, a personal experience like that shared with the world? 

The mom-to-be will also be available for live chat while she is in labor at the hospital.  This must be her first birth.  Can you imagine holding a computerized conversation while feeling like the thing inside of you is trying to rip itself out of you?  If the father of my children had even attempted to hold a computer near me to tell everyone what I was going through, I would shove that think up his….. Well, you get the point.

What do you think about this?


Be sure to join in on the conversation happening over at!


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