Weekend Family Fun, Nov 7th – 8th

Here at SantaRosaMom, I am always on the lookout for fun family events that cost little to nothing to attend. Let’s face it, when you have small children, the costs add up pretty quickly. But it’s also worth every penny to be able to escape the “I’m bored” blues – or worse, trouble that is created due to boredom (hellooooo permanent marker all over couch……). I am all about saving pennies AND having things to do on the weekend. So read on for some fun events going on this Saturday and Sunday. And if you know about inexpensive events coming up on any future weekend, let me know by emailing me at crissi@santarosamom.com so I can share it with all the other parents of little crumbgrinders.

www.ninazhito.com1-Day Cat & Kitten Adoption  Has your family been looking for a furry member to add to the brood? Several Sonoma County shelters are participating in an adopt-a-thon to find homes for some very loving cats and kittens. And they have reduced the fee to adopt these felines to only $30. This fee includes an exam by a licensed vet, viral testing, vaccinations, spay & neutering, worming, microchip, a collar with an ID tag, and a travel box. Seriously folks, $30 for all that is like getting a cat for free! Oh, and that sweet kitty in the picture?  Her name is Marcia.  You can adopt her with the ID #A240343.  Participating shelters include Healdsburg, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, S.C. Animal Care & Control, Pets Lifeline in Sonoma & The Humane Society of Sonoma County. Call (707)565-7100 for more information. 
Sat 11/7
See flier for more information.

Operation E.L.F. The holidays are that time of year when families get together, fill their bellies with delicious morsels and hearty meals, and exchange gifts to the soundtrack of laughter and love. But not all families get such a luxury. The Community Christ Church is holding their annual charity event to help raise money for families that aren’t able to afford the provisions of Christmas. They will be hosting a giant yard sale, serving food, offer plenty of fun activities, and will hold a drawing for prizes. Help families in need while enjoying yourself at a fun event.
Sat 11/7
Community Christ Church
1495 W. Steele Lane @ Range Ave., Santa Rosa.
For more info: (707)944-9409 x2

Home Depot Kids Workshop The first Saturday of the month, Home Depot hosts a free kids workshop. Kids 5 -12 years old can build their own creation while learning about tool safety and earn do-it-yourself skills. In an age where most kids’ entertainment comes from video games, computers, and toys that have to do something, this is a chance to introduce your child to something “new” – and for you to witness the pride in their smiles as they show you what they have created all by themselves. This weekend’s project is a trivet – a hot plate that is placed between a serving dish and the table to protect the table from heat damage.
Ages 5 – 12
Sat 11/7
9am – noon
Home Depot Locations:
100 Bicentennial Way, Santa Rosa
4825 Redwood Driveway, Rohnert Park
6280 Hembree Way, Windsor

40th Anniversary of the San Francisco Exploratorium  In honor of their 40th anniversary, the Exploratorium is offering a multitude of events for FREE at their facility. That’s right, I said FREE. There will be fun with bubbles, giant bolts of electricity, dissection of a cow eye and brain (perfect for those little rascals that love all things gross), an ice demonstration involving a huge block of ice, a wire, and a suspended motorcycle (you won’t believe what happens!), and lots more interactive activities. There is way too much going on at the Exploratorium to even list here, so check out their site, and make it a point to attend this event!
Sat 11/7 and Sun 11/8
10 am – 5 pm
Exploratorium at the Palace of Fine Arts
3601 Lyon Street, San Francisco

Recipe on the forums

Windsor Farmer’s Market  With only three weekends left, the season is almost over for Windsor’s Farmer’s Market. This weekend it’s all about persimmons, pomegranates, figs, and apples. Ever tried cooking with figs? They are one of those amazing fruits that can be used in desserts, or to compliment an autumn dinner. I found a great recipe for figs that I placed in the recipe section of the SantaRosaMom forums. Check it out, then shop for your ingredients at Windsor’s Farmer’s Market.
Sun 11/8
10 am – 1 pm
Windsor Town Green
Old Redwood Hwy to Windsor River Rd to Bell Rd.


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