Why use a Doula?

May is International Doula Month. Marianna Terhune, a local doula, explains the role of a doula as well as services doulas here in Sonoma County provide for families expecting a new baby.

Belly Art on Display

IMGP1220Walk into Pine Cone Café any time this month and prepare to be mesmerized, or in my kids’ case, a little giggly. Personally, I was in awe of the beauty. In honor of mothers, local artist Francine Krause has adorned the walls with her art. If you are not familiar with Francine, you should be – especially if you are currently pregnant or thinking of becoming full with child. Francine founded BellyMask.com in 1991, a company that offers kits for mothers-to-be to create a mold of their pregnant belly to be used for art long after the baby has grown. These plaster molds are beautiful plain, or decorated with paint and fabric. Does it sound strange? Sure. Even I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect as I made my way down N. Main St. in Sebastopol to a tiny café hidden at the end of the shops lining the street. But once inside, I understood. (more...)

Live birth via the internet

Lynsee at MomsLikeMe will be broadcasting her birth this month, live via the internet.  Read the article here.....  A teacher from Minnesota, Lynsee has been blogging her pregnancy to the tiniest detail.  "We wanted to share this experience," Lynsee said about the decision she made with her husband Anders.  "If I were in a classroom, I'd be... Continue Reading →

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