My mother called me over the weekend before the clock even hit 9 am. “Are you at home right now?” she asked. “I am.” “What time are you going to take the kids over to their dad’s house?” she asked. “Around 2,” I told her. “Oh. That’s too late. Nevermind.” She was being awfully cryptic, which of course got my curiosity up. “Why? What’s going on?” “Well…..” She asked me if I remembered the Ninja Star that the Taz had been coloring at her house. Of course I remembered. He had colored it pure black and told me how all he had to do was throw it and it would whip through the air slicing anything in its way. I suggested that he not throw it in the kitchen, at least. “I remember. Why?” I asked her. “Well, apparently he was coloring it in my living room…” (more...)

Like a Hole in the Mouth

My daughter stayed home with me today. This morning she was sitting in the dentist chair, the same dentist chair she sat in 8 years ago for the same procedure, getting two stubborn baby teeth pulled so that her already descended adult teeth could be brought down where they are supposed to be. Right now those... Continue Reading →

Tooth Pains

My daughter’s first dentist appointment included X-Rays of her teeth, and a positive affirmation that she indeed had an abscessed tooth that needed to come out. She was 3 years old. We had spent the day at the Bennett Valley Fire Station for their annual pancake breakfast. One of her childhood friends, a solid and... Continue Reading →

Guiding our Children Positively

Call it sassiness, adolescence, or plain old Back to School backtalk, but my 8 year old is suffering from it. And this means that our whole household is suffering from it. Last night was a prime example. We’ve been working on implementing the rules for a successful back to school schedule: packing up the backpack... Continue Reading →

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