Like a Hole in the Mouth

My daughter stayed home with me today. This morning she was sitting in the dentist chair, the same dentist chair she sat in 8 years ago for the same procedure, getting two stubborn baby teeth pulled so that her already descended adult teeth could be brought down where they are supposed to be. Right now those adult teeth are reminiscent of vampire fangs. We may not need a Halloween costume for her this year…. I tried to get a picture, but she ran away faster than I could say, “But it’s for my blog!”

On the way home she was in a good mood even with new gaps in her mouth and the gauze preventing her from talking. She kept trying to, despite the fact that she was as easy to understand as my parents’ dog Zoe who seems to think that we understand her perfectly as she growls happy hellos at us and pushes us over with a nuzzle. After several garbled attempts (“How do you feel?” “gerbdgd.” “What?” “nrt gerbdgd.” “Huh?”). My daughter finally gave up talking and resorted to writing to be able to converse with me.

“Do you feel ok?”

I will when my lip wakes up.

“Did it hurt?”

Felt like a small pinch.

“How about the shot? Did that hurt”

She pointed to Felt like a small pinch.

“Hmmm…. Wonder what we should have to eat since you can only eat soft foods. Do you think you’ll want to eat lunch?”

I will once the numbness leaves.

We kept driving and were quiet for awhile before she started writing again.

Is it possible that my face won’t wake up?

Her lip was still fat and she couldn’t smile very well. She couldn’t even flare her nostrils she said, though it sounded more like, “ah ca eva thlar ma nathras”.

“It’s possible. Your face could remain droopy forever and you’ll never flare your nostrils again.”


“We may have to give you gummy food forever.”

She pointed to SERIOUSLY!!!

“No, the anesthetic is to too weak to stay permanently. You should be able to feel your lips in about an hour.”

We got home and I set myself up on the computer while she caught up on Facebook homework. We ate lunch – tomato basil soup with melted cheese. (“Would a grilled cheese sandwich dipped in the soup be too hard?” “Yes. Well, unless you chew it up first and then give it to me.” “You’re really disgusting, you know that, right?”) Then, when we were done with all that, we watched the latest episode of Hell’s Kitchen (does Dave understand that he is potentially ruining all chances of cooking again if he does not quit now and nurse his arm back to health? Seriously!!!), and then a good old fashioned chick flick – Confessions of a Shopaholic. Despite her achiness, she remained in a pretty good mood. And it was cool to hang out, just the girls.

When my son’s school let out, we both went to go pick him up and then drove over to Starbucks for Frappuccinos and iced coffee to celebrate my daughter’s gaping holes in her mouth. (My son lamented how he was last to be picked for the football game at recess even though he can throw a perfect spiral. As I struggled with how to console him, the barista interjected, “I’m sorry, but it’s because you’re so dang cute. It’s true, that’s why you were picked last.” “That sounds about right,” I said as my 8 year old grinned into his drink. Thank you, Starbucks Barista.) The kids took turns grossing each other out, my daughter winning by default due entirely to her brand new gross out feature in her gums.

Tonight is the first night in a long time that we have nothing going on. There is no soccer practice or game, no meeting, nothing. Homework was finished before 4 pm. My son is able to play with his friends while it’s still daylight. We will actually have a real sit-down dinner – well, mushy stuff for my daughter (any ideas?). And rather than running from one place to another, we’ll actually be able to hang out as a family before settling in for bed. And while having my daughter’s teeth extracted wasn’t exactly her favorite thing she’s done all year, it gave us the excuse just to slow down and relax. I love days like this. It might not be a bad idea to plan a couple of them just because, and not because someone is having teeth ripped out of their mouth.


The contest is still on…..for now.  CLICK HERE for details.  Hurry, contest ends Tuesday, October 13th!


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