Chocolate covered strawberry hangover

Yesterday, I made it very clear that all I wanted to do for Mother's Day (in between going to church in the morning and serving at church at night) was to sit by the pool with a book in one hand and a margarita in the other. I totally got my wish. And it was... Continue Reading →

Foolproof gift for Mother’s Day

For weeks I've been receiving emails from various companies and bloggers telling me they know the secret behind what mom really wants for Mother's Day.  One blogger thinks what Mom really wants is a good, stiff drink.  Another thinks Mom just wants chocolate.  Rubios thinks you should skip the flowers and give her a fish... Continue Reading →

4 Tips to a Perfect Mother’s Day

What can you do if you have little ones swirling around your feet, a husband who hopes to catch a few rounds of golf on such a sunny day, and a house that needs a little bit of TLC in the cleaning department? I might have a few suggestions…

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