4 Tips to a Perfect Mother’s Day

After my recent Mother’s Day post, you either:

A) think I’m a terrible mother and looking to throw gruesome comments my way in every blog I write hereafter (Welcome! You can join your comrades over to the left).
B) think I’m a terrible mother and no longer read this blog (enter cricket chirp here).
C) hope your kids get you something better than that lopsided ashtray they gave you last year (seriously, don’t they believe in money? Like for buying something?).
D) have actually experienced a few disappointing Mother’s Days and think you might spend this day pretending to be sick in bed.

If you can relate with option D, don’t draw the shades yet. Sunday is supposed to be a glorious day, and I’d hate for you to miss out on it. But what can you do if you have little ones swirling around your feet, a husband who hopes to catch a few rounds of golf on such a sunny day, and a house that needs a little bit of TLC in the cleaning department?  No, you cannot trade them in.  But here are a few other tips that might help…

Ask for what you want
It sounds like a no-brainer – unless you’re a mom. I mean, as moms we’re not accustomed to making our needs known beforehand. We’re planners, not askers. But this is the one time your family WANTS to know what YOU want. After all, the day is meant for you. So let your family in on your desires. Wish to have a day at the spa? Make a list of some of your favorite places. Looking forward to a day spent with the family? Share some great family-friendly venues with them. Hoping for some time alone? There’s no shame in it, just be sure to tell your husband or babysitter with plenty of advance notice. Prefer a homemade gift over a gift bought from the store, or are hoping for a certain store-bought item? Ditch the pride and tell it like it is. Trust me, if you expect your family to be mind-readers and “surprise” you, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

Manage the day
Alright, I know. It’s your day. But if you want a day off you might need to put a little bit of effort into it a few days before. Stock the fridge with the foods you’d like to be served in bed. Enlist the kids’ help in cleaning the house before Mother’s Day. Give a few craft ideas to adults that can help your kids make gifts for you. Sure, it seems a bit counterproductive creating the day meant all for you. But trust me, when you see how pleased your kids will be when they present you with the perfect breakfast and gift, and your house is sparkling clean, you’ll have nothing left to do but enjoy your day.

Single Mom tips
Some of you are going it alone, and don’t have another adult around to help spoil you on this day. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a perfectly wonderful Mother’s Day. However, it does mean that a bit more planning needs to be put in place to make this a special day. Plan on spending the day with the extended family, like grandparents or aunts and uncles. Or invite a few of your other single mom friends for a fun outing that day. In the days before Mother’s Day, swap kids with one of your friends so that you can help her kids with a gift, and she can help yours.

And most important…

Leave all expectations at the door
You’re a mom. So you know things just happen. Sometimes the juice spills in the bed. Sometimes the clay vase they made at school breaks before it gets to you. Sometimes it rains, sometimes the beach is closed, and sometimes kids are cranky and fighting with each other more than thanking you for being their mom. Not everything is perfect, but it’s how we choose to handle situations that dictate just how good or bad it will be. If you find things not going the way you planned, take a deep breath and change course. And with determination, have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


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