My favorite time of day is between 6 and 7 in the morning, that moment of time between waking up and getting the kids ready for school.  The house is dimly lit, the only light from the dome above the kitchen table.  For the moment, the house is free from the sound of arguing children, slamming cabinets, pounding footsteps on stairs, shouts to hurry the pace because “Mom’s Bus” leaves in 2 minutes…..  The only sound that can be heard is the soft rustle of the newspaper as I savor every story as the entree to my side dish of egg and buttered toast.  The gurgle of the coffee pot fills the dining room with its warm aroma, and is the topping on the cake of early morning bliss.  This is my tiny island from reality in a life filled with deadlines, schedules, and the tug of war for my attention.  This is my oasis.


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