Chiming in on Logging On

Reading Meda’s latest blog, I couldn’t help but nod vehemently.  The computer has this way of drawing you in and keeping you there.  What was supposed to be just a few minutes to check email ends up being a few hours of catching up on Facebook, reading various blogs, and clicking links faster and faster as our attention spans grow smaller and smaller.  We get sucked into our online worlds so deeply that the real world gets a bit fuzzy.

But the upside of online?  It really is a great tool for keeping in touch, especially for my daughter and me when she is in her dad’s care.  Case in point, the three-way conversation between me, my 11 year old daughter, and our close friend and babysitter on Facebook just today…..

Wine Country Mom: You are the best babysitter ever!

Wine Country Babysitter: Oh goodness, I just tried.  I had fun though with the little guys.

Wine Country Daughter:  Hey I am not little! I big!

WC Babysitter:  Ha ha, okay 🙂 One day, because I know you will be taller than me sooner or later. But until then, you’re little!

WC Daughter:  Can I be a little big?

WC Mom:  You’ll always be my big baby princess. Mwah!!

WC Daughter:  Baby? I’m pretty sure that means I am small.

WC Mom:  Nah, it means you’re precious.

WC Daughter:  I sure don’t feel “precious”.

WC Mom:  You are one of my most precious treasures, and I love you very much. I am incredibly lucky to have you as my daughter.

WC Daughter:  I swear I am not giving you any money!!! LOL!

WC Mom:  😛 Now get off the computer and spend some time with your dad, silly girl.

WC Daughter:  If I have to…………….Wait while I am in Dad’s care I don’t really think you’re the boss of me……………..

WC Mom:  Keep talking. You have to come home sometime…..

WC Daughter:  Or will I?????

Hmmm…..  On second thought, maybe it’s just best to not chat online with my “precious” kid when she’s out of my hair…..


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