Baby Faces Contest Winner!


At the beginning of May, began a contest looking for the cutest baby photo.  The prize was a MacLaren Quest Sport Stroller from My Baby News on Santa Rosa Ave.  There were a lot of really cute photos submitted.  There was the Christmas baby and her big fluffy dog.  There was the sleepy baby boy in his bouncy walker.  There was the little bundle of joy with an adorable look of surprise.  There were so many cute baby faces that we wondered if it was even possible to choose just one.  But one baby face caught our eye.  Or should we say, TWO baby faces.

Meet E&V’s baby face twins, Ellie and Vance:



E&V, aka Sarah, was ecstatic to win this prize!  As a busy mother of twins, she was in desperate need of a single stroller.  She told me that a double stroller is great when you have someone to help you through a crowd, but it was just too much too handle on her own when juggling two growing babies and a small area to maneuver around. 

Congratulations E&V!  We hope you enjoy your new stroller!


(From left: Storeowner Paula, WineCountryMom/Crissi, E&V/Sarah and Vance, and Ellie in the stroller)

Thank you to everyone who entered this contest.  I hope to see more photos of your lovely little ones on our site!

A huge thank you goes to George Resing and Paula Thomas of My Baby News.  If you haven’t checked out their store, you don’t know what you’re missing!  They have everything you can think of for your baby’s needs, and the staff are absolute naturals with babies. 

My Baby News
3011A Santa Rosa Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA  95407



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