Two Kids, 4 hours, and the Fair Before Time

P1020875We only had 4 hours to spare for the fair today. I didn’t think it would be enough time. My daughter thought it would be too much time. We’d see……

Thanks to the kids’ thoughtful grandpa, they already had their rides covered. And because the kids had entered some things in the fair*, two admissions were paid for as well. With parking and admission I spent a whopping $6. And besides dessert for the kids, I wasn’t planning on spending any more than that.

*Speaking of entering things, the kids did very well on their entries!




I fully recommend letting your kids enter items into the fair, as it is thrilling to them to see their accomplishments out in the open for everyone to see, with a bright ribbon sticker placed next to it. It also encourages them to want to do something else besides the rides. You’ll be surprised at the interest they’ll gain in other people’s entries when they are looking for their own.


At noon, the fairgrounds had a good amount of people, but definitely emptier than it would have been at night. The ride lines were wide open, ready for anyone to walk right up and take their turn. The kids walked aimlessly around. Summer didn’t want to go on any rides, Lucas was too scared to go on anything, but also too scared to say so. It was beginning to look like 4 hours was definitely going to be too much time! But then we ran into some friends with school. Little by little the attitudes changed. And soon we were running furiously from ride to ride, trying to get the most into our time.






(She really was thrilled)

And then we saw it.



Nothing tastes better than free. And it looked like our fair adventure would stay at $6. The day was getting better and better!

After ice cream, we parted ways with the other family and went on our way. We visited the Livestock Showmanship and some friendly cows in the barns.




We also went to the Grace Pavilion, but when our goal was to not spend anything, it seemed pointless to shop around too much.


Oh, Funnel Cakes, how I love you….

Our last stop of the day was the Hall of Flowers.




My son was thrilled to be there.



Don’t worry, he pokes his eye out like that when he’s thrilled.

There was a little boy there that was touching the plants.


I know for a fact that touching the plants is against the rules.


Doh! I mean, whose kid is that?

The kids were nearing their limit (i.e. they were at each other’s throats and I was very tempted to make an embarrassing scene), so we rushed through there and made our way back out to our car.


A happy but very tired mom.

The time was spent at the fair was 3 hours and 50 minutes. The dollar amount was still $6. We made it!


Do you have any fair traditions?  Share them with the Santa Rosa Mom community on the forums.  And don’t forget to make a photo album of your family at the fair!


4 thoughts on “Two Kids, 4 hours, and the Fair Before Time

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  1. Looks like you have it all taken care of, you must be proud of your kids and their accomplishments at the fair. I never entered anything at a fair, must be a lot of work on their part. You have the two to keep the price down to make it affordable, cool.

  2. Interesting that your kids look for their fair entries. We entered my daughter’s art for the first time last year (she was 6) and me and my husband were much more interested in finding it on the wall. All she wanted to do was go on the rides. We entered her art and my 5 year old son’s Lego (similar to yours it seems) this year. We’ll see if again all they want to do is rides, or if they are curious where their items are. She even got a blue ribbon last year and didn’t seem to really care. I am planning on taking my own snacks too. I wouldn’t mind spending money on food if the food was better. I don’t like fatty food that’s also expensive. Of course to some people like my husband that’s what is special about the fair – the junk food. I just don’t care for it.

  3. Poppy, I think it helps that my family has always entered things in the fair – my grandma, my mom, me….and now my kids. So they’ve gotten used to going through the exhibit buildings first before any rides are enjoyed. At 6, though, I will admit that my son was less than enthusiastic about the whole ordeal. He’s 8 now, and the two years make a huge difference. At this age he takes pride in his creations in a way he never would have at 6. Give it time.

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