Back to School Supplies

School is right around the corner, and there only a few more shopping days left to get your child prepared for the school year. Here are the links to the Santa Rosa’s different school districts’ general websites:

Bellevue Union School District

Bennett Valley Union School District

Mark West Union School District

Oak Grove School District

Piner-Olivet Union School District

Rincon Valley Union School District

Roseland School District

Santa Rosa City Schools

Wright School

All schools in Sonoma County can be found at the website for the Sonoma County Office of Education.

This is a sample of the lists that schools are putting out there so that your child is well prepared for the start of school, courtesy of BVUSD.

8 broad-tip Crayola
Classic markers
8 thin-tip Crayola
Classic markers
12 Crayola colored pencils
12 glue sticks (no purple)
1 set of 8 Crayola
Watercolor paints
1 box of 16 regular
Crayola crayons
For the classroom:
1 magic scotch tape (Last name A to H)
1 bottle of pump hand sanitizer (Last name: H to N)
1 box unscented wipes (Last name: O-Z)
1 box Kleenex tissue
Special Note:
Please do not label these with your child’s name as they will be community classroom supplies.

First Grade
Markers—Crayola or Rose Art Brands — Broad-tipped (10 pack)
Markers—Crayola or Rose Art Brands — Narrow-tipped (10 pack)
Gluesticks—3 large (1.41 oz.) —white only— Ross, UHU, or Scotch brand. No colored glue.
Crayons—24 pack—Crayola Twistables (No colored pencils)
2 thick, black, low odor dry erase markers
Erasers—3 large white erasers
Special Note:
Please do not label any of the items. We will have pencil boxes on each desk that will house this equipment. Please do not send any items that are not on the list. We have limited storage space in our classrooms and the student’s desks are too small to house any additional supplies.

Second Grade
Broad Tipped Crayola
Markers-8 or 10 pack (regular colors only)
Fine Tipped Crayola Markers – 8 or 10 pack (regular colors only)
Crayola Colored pencils – 24 count
Crayola or Prang
Crayons-16 or 24 count (not Twistables)
12 No. 2 Pencils – sharpened please!
2 Gluesticks- please no oversized gluesticks.
Backpack – large enough to carry H.W. folders and library books to and from school.
For the classroom:
Additional donations are always welcome!
One ream of 81/2”x11” white copy paper.
One LARGE box of Kleenex.
Special Note:
Please do not send pencil boxes or binders. Please send a note on the first day of school describing your child’s after school routines (which bus your child takes, car pick up, YMCA, Brownies, etc…)

Third Grade
1 small snap top pencil box (5x8inches) that will hold all your supplies in your desk
Felt tip water-based markers (thin or fat tipped)
Color Pencils
2 Large Glue Sticks
#2 pencils
Fine tip and Ultra Fine tip black Sharpie markers
Scissors (7”-8” work best, no longer than 8 inches)
For the classroom:
1 large box Kleenex tissue
1 package of baby wipes or hand sanitizing wipes
Special Note:
Please do not bring the following items to school:
Mechanical pencils, any pencil sharpeners, correction fluid (“whiteout”)in any form, post-it notes, milky pens or fancy art supplies, other folders or binders.

Fourth Grade
One 8×5 (no larger) box that will hold your supplies in your desk
2 boxes of pencils
3 yellow highlighters
4 blue/black Expo dry erase markers
1 clean old sock
12 colored pencils
2 large erasers
2 large stretch book covers
1 small stretch book cover
16 count crayons
1 pkg of 12 fine tip markers
1 pkg of 12 broad tip markers
2 large glue sticks.
2 barrel pencil sharpeners
For the classroom:
2 unopened pkgs. of wide ruled binder paper
2 large boxes of Kleenex
Special Note:
Note that some of these items will be shared with the entire class, please do not label with your child’s name.

Fifth Grade
1 hard cover binder (1 to 1.5 inches) Cloth covered binders, or binders larger than 1.5 inches will not fit in your desk.
Binder dividers – 5 minimum
1 pocket folder in binder for homework
2 barrel Pencil sharpeners
1 box of 12 regular pencils
1 pack of 4 black, thick, low odor dry erase markers (chisel point)
1 clean old sock
1 small Box or Pouch that will hold all your supplies in your desk
1 set of 12 colored pencils
1 jumbo glue stick
a wooden ruler with metric and Customary measurements
For the classroom:
2 large boxes of Kleenex
3 pkgs. of wide ruled binder paper-100 count

Sixth Grade
1″ – 1 ½” hard cover binder with inside pocket (no zippered binders) zippered pencil pouch for binder
5 tab dividers for binder
12 #2 pre-sharpened pencils (no mechanical pencils)
1 large eraser
Barrel pencil sharpener
1 pink, 1 blue, and 1 yellow highlighters
1 four color pen (red, blue, green & black)
1 black Papermate Flair felt tip pen*
2 black dry erase markers*
1 white board eraser or clean old sock
1 large glue stick*
6 stretch book covers (3 extra large, 1 large, 2 small)
Shoebox lid
For the classroom:
2 pkgs. wide ruled binder filler paper (unopened)
1 large box Kleenex*
Colored pencils
Washable felt tip markers
* may need to re-supply


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