Thanksgiving Stuffing, minus the butter

My last Stuffing Recipe wasn’t met with much enthusiasm from people watching calories. One commenter even wondered if that was what I was feeding my kids. Only on days that end with a Y, washed down with a glass of egg nog.  Kidding!  While I’d love to have Thanksgiving dinner every night, I’d have to say no.  Stuffing is reserved for holidays, and unhealthy dinners are a rare occasion.  I will admit, however, that I rarely worry about calories in Holiday dishes. And I’m aware that other people follow this regiment as I take smaller portions of dishes and load up on the veggies. And yes, while I try to make things from scratch for the most part, as a working single mother of two I welcome the occasional help from conventional items.

For those of you who are still my friends after I tried to clog all your arteries, here’s a lower calorie Stuffing Recipe, straight from my mother’s kitchen to yours. As with all holiday foods, it probably isn’t a good idea to eat it every day.  But I give you permission to enjoy the holiday for this one day, and maybe even its leftovers on the days that follow. 

WC Mom’s Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe

Stuffing mix – I use a shredded bread package without added spices, salt or other stuff. I’ve even used dried out French bread on occasion or mixed the two.
Mild Italian sausage – 1 lb +/-
Chopped onion & celery – I usually use 1-2 onions & 4-6 ribs of celery
Olive oil – to sauté veggies
1 beaten egg
1-2 jars mushroom gravy, turkey gravy or broth – to taste (I know the gravy mix is cheating, but it adds flavor.)
Herbs to taste – whatever you want

Sauté sausage and drain off grease. I actually put the cooked sausage in a bowl lined with paper towels to drain off more grease.

Add olive oil to same pan and gently sauté veggies until soft.

Add everything together and mix, adding broth as needed to make it moist, but not sloppy wet. Put into greased casserole and bake at 350 for about an hour or so.

Can be made the night before and refrigerated, but not inside the turkey.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Stuffing, minus the butter

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  1. “Hurray for full fat stuffing!” is what I would say if I liked stuffing…it’s a pity that I don’t or I would have tried your recipe. I say to heck with calories on Thanksgiving, I’m firm in the camp of eat what you want, not too much, mostly fresh. On Christmas if you want a big slice of the yule log, I say take it.

  2. I’m with Carrie. Holidays are, amongst other things, a day to gorge on delicious, high calorie, high fat, belly-busting foods that you don’t eat any other time. We have 360+ other days to be heathly eaters. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and a couple of other special days sprinkled throughout the year should be reserved for gluttony!

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