Baseball tryouts

Just like all 9 year old baseball players and older, the Taz had baseball tryouts this past weekend. Graduating from the Rookies to be a part of the Minors, this was our first year ever to have to tryout before being placed on a team. Ours were held in the gym over at Elsie Allen High School – which was pretty cool because there is no chance of it being rained out. The kids were tested on their catching and throwing skills, and their batting skills.

But rather than describe it, here is a short clip of the Taz during his tryouts.

In the car on the way home, the Taz did a commentary on his performance. Note: he held the video camera (i.e. iPhone) the whole time, as I was driving.

(of course, there were the outtakes…..)

Anyone else do tryouts yesterday?
Have any links to photos or videos you want to share to showcase your talented son or daughter?
Leave it in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Baseball tryouts

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  1. That was fantastic! The Taz is really starting to shine with the ball and bat. I’m looking forward to going to his games this year!

  2. This was great! Because I have been actively involved with Westside LL for many years, this year as Secretary, I opened the blog because I saw the heading “baseball tryouts” and wanted to see which league this might be referring to. As soon as I saw the Lobo sign in the background I knew it was Westside. It is great to see and hear that Taz had a good experience. As a single Mom, I look forward to reading more of your blog, as league Secretary, I look forward to see you all out at the fields!

    Felisa Dingus
    WSLL Secretary

  3. Thanks Felisa! This is our 2nd year doing baseball, and the Taz just loves it! We’ve had great experiences with the Westside league and the coaches and are really looking forward to another awesome year!

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