Looking for Mother-Baby Friendly Workplaces

One of the most difficult decisions a new mother can make is to rejoin the workforce. Not only are you leaving your infant with a caregiver for several hours a day, but, when you are a nursing mother, you are potentially being forced into a decision to change your baby’s breastfeeding routine. Fortunately, there are now laws in many states (including California) which specifically state that an employer is to allow reasonable break time and an adequate private room for a nursing mother to express milk or breastfeed during their child’s first year of life. And while it is law that employers provide these conditions for their nursing employees, some workplaces shine when it comes to helping mothers in their transition from home to their career.

Is this YOUR workplace?

The Sonoma County Breastfeeding Coalition wants to recognize those companies that have gone above and beyond to make it comfortable for a breastfeeding mother to return to work by awarding them with the “Mother Baby Friendly Workplace Award”. And they are asking for your help in finding the most family friendly business here in Sonoma County (last year’s winners were American Ag Credit and Quattrocchi Kwok Architects).

To nominate your employer, visit their website and fill out the submission form.  Deadline to enter is June 1st. For more information, be sure to visit the Santa Rosa Mom forums.


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