Westside Little League Bat-a-thon

On Friday, June 4th, Westside Little League held their 2010 Bat-a-Thon Awards Night and Ice Cream Social. The Bat-a-Thon, held May 1st, is their annual fundraiser that raises money for things like uniforms, the snack bar, scholarships, equipment, and more, plus allows the league to keep their membership costs low. The kids prepare for the event by collecting either a flat donation, or a donation for how many points their team receives. At the event, points are racked up by how many balls they hit and how far they are able to hit them. The Bat-a-Thon is one of those “can’t miss” events, because other than the actual batting there is a mini carnival going on. The kids get the chance to drop their favorite coaches in a pool of water at the dunk tank. They can bounce off the walls in the jump houses. They can show off their skills at the Pitch Speed booth. They can enjoy food from the food shack (some of the best hot dogs around!). And they can decorate themselves with face paint and temporary tattoos.

The room was packed at the Stony Point Christian Fellowship Church where Westside held their Awards Night. It started off with their annual Ice Cream Social, ice cream donated by the folks over at Clover Stornetta. And then everyone gathered in the auditorium to watch a live video intro that raised the energy levels to sky high. And in between awards presented, the players won mini prizes and gift certificates donated by Westside’s many generous sponsors.

Last year, Westside was able to collect $24,000. This year they challenged the kids to raise it even more. And the kids went “to bat”. The 2010 Bat-a-Thon brought in $30,074! Congratulations Westside players!!!

Here are a list of some of the awards given out at this year’s Awards Night:

Top 3 Individual Batting Points

Dustin Currin (Padres) – 92 points
Dustin Pienta (Padres) – 84 points
Jackson Gerren (A’s) – 80 points
Aaron Sey Klaut (Tigers) – 80 points
Ryan Taylor (Tigers) – 78 points
Ian McGee (Astros) – 72 points
Sierra Shanoff (Yankees) – 84 points
Chui Suarez (A’s) – 78 points
Bailey Gray (Yankees) – 76 points
Joseph Christenson (A’s) – 103 points
Dylan Currin (Cubs) – 91 points
Lane Bassignani (Orioles) – 89 points
Geno Vanucci (Cubs) – 131 points
Alex Martinez (Cubs) – 124 points
Obi Powell (Cubs) – 102 points

Top Teams with Highest Batting Points

Padres – 757 points
Giants – 378 points
A’s – 691 points
A’s – 832 points

Top Teams with Highest Donations

Padres – $1,271
Giants – $1,241
Angels – $1,938
Cubs – $7,041!!!

Top Overall Donation Earner

James Raftery (Major A’s) – $1,600 (for his efforts, James was awarded a Wii!)

Top Overall Batting Points Earner

Joseph Christensen (Major A’s) – 131 points

And for wrestling with the many varmints that plagued the various Little League fields….

The Golden Gopher Award

John Perry, Coach for the A’s


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  1. Logan plays for the Angels. He’s improved dramatically as a player this year (though he didn’t place on the Bat-a-thon awards list) going two for four in back to back games. STAY HOT, LOGAN!

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