Governor cuts CalWorks Stage 3 childcare funding from budget

At the end of last week, Governor Schwarzenegger impacted thousands of families when he used his power of line-item veto to cut funding for Stage 3 Childcare through CalWorks, a program designed to help families who have transitioned from welfare and need the extra help to stay off of welfare. The cut will take $256 million from the program and put it instead in a fund meant for state reserves meant for “bad budget years” – in other words, saving it for “a rainy day”. Families affected by this sudden change are only being given two weeks to make other arrangements. For many, this change is devastating.

What exactly is the Calworks child care program, and why do we need it? It’s a program designed to accompany the welfare-to-work program, allowing families to be able to afford child care so that they can work and eventually get off welfare. The CalWorks child care program is split up into three stages. Stage 1 begins when a family enters the welfare-to-work program, receiving CalWorks cash assistance. Each family is eligible to stay on Stage 1 for up to 6 months, or until their work activity or child care becomes stable. Child care in Stage 1 is paid for by CalWorks funds with little to no payment required from the family. When Stage 1 has been completed, families then transition to Stage 2. Families in Stage 2 have stable jobs, their child care is secure, and they are transitioning off aid*. Child care in this stage generally requires a partial payment by the families, depending on their income and family size. Families may stay in this stage for up to 24 months after CalWorks cash assistance has ended. Stage 3 is the final stage, when a family is now off of cash aid and has received childcare for the maximum 24 months*. It is that extra help to ensure that the family has success in continuing to work and be off of welfare by keeping their childcare costs attainable. The cost to each family depends on their family size and monthly income. The assistance mostly lasts until the child is 12, though many families decide they no longer need it sooner than that.

I pause here to do a little math lesson. Beginning November 1st, numerous families will no longer receive assistance with their child care if they are Stage 3 families. The average cost of child care is $600 or more a month, per child. To receive state funded cash aid, a single parent with two kids must make $1,921 a month or less (Poverty levels described by Dept of Health Care Services). Let’s say this single parent was now making $2,100 a month, before taxes, no longer qualifying for welfare. Take out roughly 15% for taxes, and she is bringing home $1,785. Her rent, thanks to being in low-income housing, is $900 for a 3 bedroom. She now has $885 leftover for food, gas, and bills. That’s definitely doable. Except she needs childcare for both of her children who are under the age of 5 so that she can continue to work and stay off of welfare. But with cuts to the 3rd stage of the CalWorks program, this mother will be forced to take her children out of daycare since she can no longer afford it. Without anyone to watch her children, this mother is now unable to work and is forced to leave her job. Without work, this mother must now receive welfare to be able to feed her children and keep a roof over her head. Oh, and because she lives in low-income housing, her rent has just been decreased to match her income, the state and/or county picking up the slack. And along with cash-aid, this family must also receive Food-Aid and/or WIC to be able to survive, as well as receive grants towards their PG&E through government funded programs.

This is not to mention the daycare provider, who has now said goodbye to a large percentage of children who can no longer afford to be in their care. This means a substantial decrease in the daycare’s income. If they have more than one worker, they must downsize because they can no longer afford to pay the additional salaries. If it’s a privately owned daycare, this may cause them to be forced out of business. More job loss, more people needing the state’s help, more cost to the government.

This is not to mention the parent who is in school, trying to get a better education so that they can provide a better life for their family without government assistance at all, who now can’t attend classes because they can’t afford daycare for their children.

This is not to mention the state workers who will be losing their jobs since nearly half of their caseloads include Stage 3 families.

So tell me, how much money will cutting Stage 3 benefits from the budget really save the government?

Over 575 children and 350 families in Sonoma County are now faced with losing their child care effective Nov. 1st.  Does this budget cut affect you or someone you know? Are you looking for ways to fight back? Parent Voices, a group that advocates for quality and affordable childcare, is organizing a fight against this veto, and requires YOUR help. Yesterday, Parent Voices met at Santa Rosa’s State Building to ask state representatives to call a special session to overturn the Governor’s veto of CalWORKs Stage 3 child care. Today, they are requesting that you call, fax, and email your legislator in their local office and Sacramento office and ask them to: “restore the funding for Stage 3 child care slashed by the Governor with his blue pencil veto. Elimination of Stage 3 child care threatens parents ability to work, jobs for child care providers and our economic security.” Tell them how YOU will be impacted if you lose your child care Nov 1, 2010.

Visit to find the contact information of your Legislature representative.

This Friday, Oct. 15, members of Parent Voices will be caravanning to Sacramento to Senator Steinberg’s office, asking him to call a special session of the legislature to overturn the veto of Stage 3 child care. There will be an informational meeting today and tomorrow at 6:00 pm at the Santa Rosa 4Cs (131-A Stony Circle, Suite 300, Santa Rosa) to prepare for the trip to Sacramento on Friday. Bring rain gear to wear to the Friday sit-in, in accordance with “The Rainy Day is NOW!” theme. 

THIS is a bad budget year.  THIS is where our money needs to be.  The rainy day is not tomorrow, or next year, or sometime in the future.  The Rainy Day is NOW.

*Note: It was previously stated that those in Stage 2 were no longer receiving cash aid, and that Stage 3 was after someone had been off of aid for 24 months.  It has been corrected to show that those in Stage 2 are transitioning off of cash aid, and that those on Stage 3 are no longer receiving cash aid.


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  1. Great Article! Thank you so much for speaking out about this vital issue for our children and our community. We have found out that the Governor is the only person with the power to overturn this decision before the November 1 cutoff, so parent leaders at Parent Voices have decided to switch the action toward the Governor. Join Parent Voices Friday or call the Governor today 916-445-2841.

  2. The Rainy day is now! It’s not in a year from now. I am outraged by this power that the governor has used in his favor. There was a semi-fair budget agreed by our legislatures causing the budget to be 100 days late and all that hard work and compromise was really for nothing as he used his power to line item veto and hit some of the most vulnerable programs, services, children & people. He has no conscious, no remorse, no heart and I can’t say he is an animal because I know animals have the ability to love and understand more than him. He is a monster.

  3. This was completely unexpected after a handshake deal with legislators to protect this funding for families who are working towards becoming productive citizens. This cut is counterproductive because having these families become self-sustaining and productive, as well as having these vulnerable children become educated, productive citizens 15 years from now is in everyone’s interest! Thank you for calling attention to this issue. And please, vote on Nov 2 and call the Governor!!!

  4. Only a barbarian will do this – cut services for children whose parents are working hard but not getting paid enough to afford care, or are in training programs or in school – so they can get a stable job. These are hard working families who are struggling. It takes a village to raise a child. When will our society consider good quality care for all children as a good public investment that benefits all? These children will someday make decisions for our care as elders, some may even run for public office or be civil servants, be doctors or teachers. We definitely don’t want them to be come casualties of the cradle to prison pipeline. Taking care of our children is good prevention. There is a group of law enforcement officers who know what it means when they say, “Fight Crime, Invest in Kids.” All kids — not just rich kids. Let’s take care of our children. Child care keeps California working!!!

  5. I replied in another area but will say something here as well. While I have worked with welfare recipients for the last 4 years and learned a lot. I myself used to receive public assistance. I would receive a welfare check and the state would keep my child support so it balanced out. What was the real critical piece in my story was that I utilized this assistance to go to school and better myself, opening up new employment avenues for myself. 7 years ago I was able to walk away from public assistance. I never wanted to look back. Now, on November 1, the child care assistance I received is going to be gone and I will end up homeless with my 6 children, after I have worked so hard to support my children with little to no help from their fathers. My childcare costs are well over $2000 per month and there is no way that I can pay this whole amount by myself because I barely make $3000 per month. Certainly, I did not plan to have my children be abandoned by their fathers but not only am I the only one being held accountable to parent and take care of my children and raise them to be productive members of society but now the financial burden with little to no help and my child care assistance terminating, my children and I will truly suffer, all because I am the only parent held accountable for my children……this is a nightmare!

  6. Also, I wanted to add that some single parents are lucky enough to have assistance with their housing as well. I am not so lucky. My rent alone is $1500 per month. Utilities, food, health insurance, gas, and all the other miscellaneous things that I encounter each month all add up to well over what I bring in. Add $2000 a month in child care expenses and well then besically I am just working to pay for childcare. Additionally, the new welfare rules would make it pointless for me to go on welfare, even for just a month. If you have two children under the age of 6, the state prefers to give you welfare as opposed to helping pay for childcare.

  7. Let’s also not forget that many of these mothers pay a parent fee once they reach 40% of the State Median Income and it rises to nearly 10% of her income before she no longer qualifies for subsidized child care. So these mothers, former welfare recipients and now transitioned to low-income working/student mothers are returning the investment. It is so unjust, so cruel, and so barbaric. “Na-na-na, hey-hey-hey, Goodbye-Arnold, thanks for 7 years of budget deficits, program cuts to women, children, seniors, and the disabled, and leaving a legacy of hurting the most vulnerable. Bravo!

  8. It is a travesty that the citizens of California continally are expected to accept these types of inhumane cutbacks. I am tired of the fact that EVERY single year when it comes time to have a budget in place for this state, for some reason the Legislature cannot and will never do this ON TIME. It has always been my belief that for every single day that the budget for this state is not met, each Legislator should be fined $5,000.00/day; however we knot this will never happen. It makes me angry to see the families who have nothing but prayers and dreams for their children be treated as if they do not matter; that seniors who have sacrificed in ways we would or cannot conceive are not given the respect they should have for making it possible for many of us – including those in positions of power who would not be where they are now. As it is said in the Bible; “the first shall be last, and the last shall be first”. None of these politicans could muster enough courage or grown enough backbone to do right by these families; and in the end it will come back to haunt them. As my late mother said to us as children – ‘you must remember that we all connected and to never mistreat anyone, no matter who they are; because that very person who you thought to be lesser than you may be the only one to bring you a drink of water when no one else will give to you’.

  9. How the heck can taking away childcare to the working class be good?? If they don’t have childcare, they can’t work and that means they go back to square one which is being back on welfare. How does that help anyone?? Maybe all of these state employee’s take a pay cut since they make way more than us working classmen anyways….

  10. I so agree with your view. This is not the direction California needs to go in right now. This will only hurt the economy more and the poor children who may be left home alone. What was he thinking?Oh wait, he wasn’t!

  11. Thank you for getting this message out on your blog. California needs to put children and families first!

  12. Well thanks anrold! Im out of a job that I have been doing for 4+yrs & now I only have 2weeks to find a job just so my family wont go into the GA also. Oh I havent been paid since July. I cant believe he would do this…the mother I work for has 4 kids & wont be able to pay me her because she is a single mom. She bearly can make it with the stage 3 but now its gonna be very bad for these children. They will have no will to go after school. SO arrold your just an asshoe & wish you would just resign instend! Ugh, You have no idea how this affect all stage 3 parents & the provider (like myself) & most of all the children will hopefully not get into trouble or in danger!!

  13. Oh and there will be no child care help for those who lost their stage 3 because there is a waiting list now!

  14. I am a childcare provider and I am sick right now,I really cant beleive what is going on! I have worked as a childcare provider for 10 years and I all of my children are stage 3.I will have no income and what really makes this sad is the fact that I have four children of my own to care for without a job.Well I will be going to sacramento this friday because its raining now!

  15. I have been a licensed provider for over 18 years and am sick to death over what is happening to me and the family in my daycare on stage 3. I have had this family enrolled in my daycare over the span of 17 years in one form or another…first auntie, then big sister, and now the younger two. They have given no thought into how this will affect the kids that will no longer see their friends, have a structured day and learning activities. They are a part of my family and they are being torn away because mom won’t be able to afford to pay me. They won’t understand why they can’t come to my house anymore and see their friends. I have a son at UC Berkeley and a daughter graduating this year. How will I be able to fill these openings now and continue to pay for college tuition?

  16. I can’t believe you! How in your mind can you cut that budget you think that’s going to save us money? Think about it families who work day to day to pay bills that can’t even pay some of their bills how the heck are they going to afford paying someone to watch their kids the average childcare provider charges 500.00 or so for one kid a month. Parents are going to have to make a choice on paying someone or quieting their job. That is going to shot the welfare way up.

  17. Great information in article. The one thing that is being forgotten here is that these families have already been given at least 30 months or 2 and 1/2 years of reduced or free child care. That is prior to even getting to the stage 3 child care program. How long must every pay for people to be on assistance. Welfare should be a short term assistance. California has 12 % of the US population but one third of welfare recipients. There is something wrong with this picture. Lets get Californians off of welfare and into the work place.


  18. The governor is just simply stupid,he is not making any wise decisions.He is an actor and should just resign as a governor!!

  19. Good Article.. however your information on stage 2 child care is incorrect, i am a stage two recipient, going to school full time, working as a paid intern thru the Cal Works Work Study Program and i still receive my cash assistance… I think that what we are seeing here in California is the Domino effect and, our state deficit continues to snow ball as we drastically cut the very programs that could help to prevent it, however minute they may be. My daughter will be 12 soon and although I would prefer for her to stay with her provider after school i know that there is another parent with a child who will need the funding she receives more than i do. Mike, i agree there are people whose welfare time limit should be shorter than others, they are the ones who are not using this program to move forward with their lives and instead using a government cash grant to remain steadfast in poverty. The majority of parents however who will respond to this are working families or single parents in some way or another, who have not necessarily been on aid for 2.5 years or 30 months but have been on aid periodically throughout their lives during hard times. Every chilld at my daughter’s daycare is a subsidized child care recipient, in various stages, this woman and her family will now more than likely lose their home, more importantly however are the special needs children she mainly provides services for and the other kids,who consider this woman to be a surrogate mother. as recipients of Cal Works supportive services we will need to bond together as members of ethnic cultures do to support each other it takes a village to raise a child,

  20. I’m not sure what to really say about this thing as a whole, I’m very disappointed, I wonder sometimes how they come up with their decisions. Are they pulling papers out of a hat????? No care in the world for people. All we are asking for is a little help, never in my life did I ever want to go on welfare, but it was there when I needed it and times were very tough for me and my family, and now it’s seem very likely a lot of people will have to retract, back to the welfare days. I remember working and paying for child with out the help, I was working just to pay for child care and apparently at that time I was making too much money to receive assistance and I was only making $1200 a month and child care was like $800. So this is a crazy situation, hopefully we can overcome this and maybe it will get over turned!

  21. “At a time when California is experiencing an unemployment rate of over 12 percent, it is unconscionable that this administration would deliberately eliminate the child care service necessary for working parents to maintain their jobs, and put them at risk of returning to the welfare rolls.”

  22. Single mothers are able to get money via a variety of sources. Actually, our country includes a large variety of financial aid choices for mothers who are seeking assistance. Regardless of whether for college or anything else. There are numerous tales that there are scholarships or grants which are being awarded to moms in the sum of 10 grand. This cash could be used to go to college and all you need to do is search and apply for these grants and opportunities.

  23. According to one of the moms with Parent Voices, this subject will not be able to be overturned until the next session in January. I was also told that Pro Tom Steinberg made a strong statement at Wednesday’s Town Hall meeting that getting this veto overruled is his top priority.
    If this is affecting you, visit and type in your zip code. Send a letter to every single address that comes up, stating why this should be overturned. Share what is happening in your life as a result. And don’t forget to include a letter to the governor.
    Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
    State Capitol Building
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    Phone: 916-445-2841
    Fax: 916-558-3160 ( new number )

  24. Dear Mike:
    While I appreciate your opinion, I have to say that you speak with a forked tongue. You complain that people should not continue to receive welfare. I agree. But the very people losing child care are the ones who are off of welfare and who have been off of welfare for quite some time. Yes, these families have been receiving child care assistance for a significant amount of time but what you suggest is not rational. If someone is making $3000 per month and their child care is well over half of that, how are they to be expected to pay that entire amount without the assistance after a few years? So you think that some miracle will present itself and suddently they will get a huge raise and they will suddenly be making 4 times as much money? If assisting people with child care is helping these people work full-time and support their families needs, why is that not a better alternatice to handing them a free welfare check and “hoping someday they will get off their butts”? I personally think that cash aid needs to be revoked and all the Billions of dollars they spend on it should be diverted into other programs i.e. rental assistance, child care assistance etc. We need to start providing the basic needs of those in our community who are low income as opposed to handing them the money to get their next fix, get their nails done and to make their car payment on their brand new Cadilac Escalade……. Furthermore, if child support would be fairly collected and enforced, many of these single parents would be in a much better financial position. Something to think about. All in all, the very people you feel need to be off of welfare, have been off of welfare. But now, as opposed to going to work everyday, contributing to society and paying taxes, they will be right back on welfare.

  25. We can go on and on about our government..CALIFORNIA is the worst hit in the economy. our welfare rate is higher due to illegals coming here having children then able to get cash aid and all the other benefits.
    I am not a single parent. I have a spouse that has been looking for work unemployement is about to run out.. I am working full time with a college degree (bachelors) and have utilized the Stage 3 child care. This will be DEVESTATING TO MY FAMILY. Im so stressed out. 2 children ages 7 and 7 year old is in school so i dont pay for day care.. but for my 3 yr old it will cost me 600 a month.. on stage 3 i was paying 250a month.. what will we do now.. I wanted to go back to school and persue a masters degree. Im 26 and yes , i know there are some people who abuse the system, however, for individuals like myself who have went to school who are trying to better themselves and families. its very discouraging and makes me want to move out of California. you take two steps forward and get kicked back 5

  26. Why do we always blame illegals for everyhting that happens in this country? Lets take responsabilities for our own actions for a moment.Blaming someone else is not going to solve the prblem, instead lets us all figure out a way to resolve the problem..

  27. I feel that the decision they have made is legit. You really shouldn’t count on someone else paying your child care for so long. They didn’t ask you to have the kids. Get a job and provide for your family. I worked seven days a week with three children and made it. Yes I ate hot dogs every night! Yes the program is wonderful for a few months for a jumpstart. but don’t abuse it. I think it’s time you say thanks for all the years of support and stop being so greety.

    day care owner and mom of 4!

  28. Lacey, are you married? Probably. Just because you obvously make more money “owning” a day care does not mean you have the right to put down people who do not have the same earning potential. And how many year ago did you eat hot dogs everynight? I would be willing to be that the cost of child care was much lower at that time. I would also be willing to bet that you had a network of support from family, friends, etc. Many of us do not have that. Also you reference the following and I quote,
    “They didn’t ask you to have the kids. Get a job and provide for your family”. Let me set ya straight on this remark. First and foremost, this is not a matter of someone having children on the request of our government. These children are here for one reason or another and despite your obvious desire to punish the parents, these children are innocent and they deserve to have access to the same quality care and educational foundation as the children with parents who can afford child care. Additionally, The families affected dont need to “get a job and support their families” because they are already working and supporting their families without welfare. And why does it make someone greedy to simply walk through a door that someone has opened for them in their journey of being self-sufficent and a productive member of society? Also, as previously mentioned, most of these individuals being cut from the child care assistance are single parents and the collection and enforcement of child support in this country IS A JOKE. So please refrain from exerting your shallow feelings toward others who may be less fortunate than yourself and be thankful that you are not in a position of desperation as these single parent families are…….

  29. You dont have to agree with me. I am correct and you know that I am but cannot support your statements with anything more than what your experience was. And whether you like it or not, people are going to continue to get welfare. This program is not going away. Me personally, I would rather see the money go to child care for people who are working as opposed to people sitting on their butts. Most tax payers would pick the child care for their tax dollars to support as opposed to welfare checks- and that, Ms. Childcare Owner IS A FACT! By the way, since you say that you own a Day Care, which day care would that be? I mean you should have no problem providing this information if you truly stand my your “position”. Furthermore, present some argument to support what you say. It is unlikely that you can win an argument against me, but at least challenge me and try……… You are a Republican, aren’t you?

  30. I just want to remind everyone that the comments here should be personal opinions about the subject, and shouldn’t be personal attacks against other commenters. I know this is a very tense subject, but let’s try to be cordial.

  31. Thanks for the reminder Wine Country Mom. I just wish to clarify to everyone that you are in a public forum and just as the First Amendment may protect what everyone says, I believe that as long as I do not call anyone names or swear or be disrepectful, I have a right to call people on their rude, nasty and discriminatory statements. I also feel that if people are going to post something, make it meaningful and support your view point with something more than an “I am better than other people” attitude. To anyone who is offended by anything that I have posted, I will apologize for any misunderstanding, but I whole heartedly stand by everything that I say and I will defend it and back it up with evidence and my experiences, not only as a mother but as someone who works in Social Services.

  32. @ mike stage 3 is people who are off welfare & do not qualify, people who work FT have benefits through employers and do not have low income or help w/ my rent nor child support. I am a single mother I used to be on assistance & I have not qualified for 6 years which I am @ my same steady job. For me there are lazy people who take advantage & the hard workers like me have to suffer, why not cut back on level 1 or 2 make them work to get to level 3 now that makes more sense. So now it puts all of us hard single working mohers who hold down a job to think about what is important our children, so we cannot afford it so we now have to decide, keep or quit or job & apply for calworks start from the begging lev 1 lose the job I been @ for 6 years, the apartment I pay 100% for food I can barely afford, gas for my car. I really think that now that it is official that our governor has signed, there will be a reform because to many are affective & has to many negatives that will not help anyone in the future.

  33. @lacey let me ask you a question so you would rather have more people on welfare abusing the system than single working mothers who work @ try to do something w/ there life & let there kids see we are working hard for them?

  34. i feel you broke my heart. i dont know how to make it with no going to lose my job.i hope you have a heart,and see its not only me,it affect everbody in califonia.

  35. @ MOMMY OF 6 I totally agree and stand by your statements.. @Lacey ” Get a job comment” hello! We are working parents…As a child care provider is you have any stage 3 parents this will greatly affect you also.. i bet you will be singing a different song in a couple of months when you cant make your mortgage payments…@ MOMMY 1.. im not playing the blame game.. Im stating facts..educate yourself and research whats really going on.. This is a huge problem in california and yes thats what we pay our government to do is resolve and come up with ideas to solve these issues..Why cant the working parent get a break????I will be able to get thru this..because I have an Awesome God and I will pray for everyone else.. I hope for the best

  36. To Leila and Lola’s Mommy, Alejandra, Maria and any other mommy on here who is going to lose their job. I would like each of you to message me on here and lets start talking about what you are going to do. Provide me with your e-mail address so we can talk. I cannot work now and there will be no way around it BUT I will help all of you as much as I can. Maybe if all of us mommy’s get together and help each other then not all of you have to lose your jobs. I have a degree in Child Development and I used to be a Preschool Teacher and a Preschool Director, so I am experienced in caring for children, especially being a mom of 6. I do not know how many children I can take care of at a time but I will help as many of you as I can. Let me know your work schedules and the ages of your children and lets start thinking of something we can do until our child care is reinstated….

  37. Momy of 6, you didn’t leave your email address for others to contact you, although anyone who does want to contact her can do so through, which Momy is a member. Also, be aware that there are daycare laws where you have to be certified to watch over a certain amount of children who are not your own. But I do believe banding together is an awesome solution for what is hopefully only a temporary problem!


  39. Absolutely, message me through Santa Rosa Mom website. If you prefer then you can e-mail me at…… And of course, as Wine COuntry Mom points out we would need to follow any child care laws that may affect caring for children. I will check on what the laws are. I am not sure if the Title 22 or 5 regulations would apply to a parent co-op, but please know that we will follow all applicable laws and regulations, not only to stay out of trouble but to insure superior care for our children. But I truly believe that if we got together and worked out the various work schedules that we could make this happen. Lets put our heads together…..


  41. I know it’s a new and uncharted (only in current society) solution, but who would be interested in co-opping childcare? We would use the care time as moneyor a credit.. I watch your children for an 8-9 hour day on say, Fridays when I don’t have class and now I have 8-9 hours of co-op credit.. I know we don’t just want anyone watching our children, but we could all meet for coffee and exchange numbers and meet each other at the very least. What could it hurt? I think this disservice and outrage may just drive an integral part of our community together.. The struggling and/or single parent.. Who better to be a resource to each other than the parent in the same boat..It really does take a village to raise a child;to raise a family. Part of the problem with the American society today is the focus on individual achievement and subsequently the loss of community interdependence. Thank you for this blog-site.. who’s interested in any sort of co-opping during this crisis?

  42. Today I was talking w/ friends & family cause we all only have 2 wks to decide what to do, I do have a few options but still would have to pay so much more & that leaves me w/ nothing to spend for food, sdg&e. I am on a super tight bugdet & now I may have to get a 2nd job to pay for the daycare which means less time w/ kids & to me that is bad because kids need to see there parents everyday to become good adults. I already gave my 2wk notice @ my babysitter because I cannot afford it. So I may be in the welfare office Nov 1st to apply for aid 😦

  43. I think that to make a statement that we should all go to the welfare office on November 1 and apply for welfare. That is what the Governor wanted. Welfare is a trap and since he is convinced that we all belong there without the means to move forward then we should just comply like good little pets……

  44. While I am sympathetic to those families who are truly using the assistance as intended, are you aware that over 50% of the families in Stage 3 are having their children watched by license exempt providers – meaning they are being watched by grandparents/aunts/uncles/neighbors/boyfreinds and they can continue to receive this assistance indefinitely as long as the child/family continues to meet eligibility requirements. I can understand wanting to pay mom/dad/sister/boyfriend to watch your child but what happened to watching the child becuz they are family/friends and it is the right thing to do? Why is it that they are only willing to watch them if they get paid?? My parents worked extremely hard to schedule someone to watch me and my brothers- I find it disturbing to know that my tax dollars may be contributing to continued reliance on state subsidies just becuz they can. There was an article in the Sac Bee that detailed a mom who was working while receiving subsidized child care and then boom she had 2 more kids. I somewhat agree that there should be assistance programs to help people get back on their feet during bad times… but I draw the line when individuals continue and try to ‘work the system’. enuf is enuf.

  45. Serendipity- I have to agree with your input. If there are individuals who have family and friends that are avaialbe to help with child care then they should not be paid to watch these children. It is the families that have no family or friends around that can help who are most in need of this help.

    And just in general- Everyone is so worried about their tax dollars paying for child care. REALLY? This is the best that people get b**** about? I say again, REALLY? There is no one individual that pays so much in taxes that it stands alone as enough to support any one program or individual. The free welfare checks are the hand out that everyone should be outraged about. The pointless wars that are fueled with your tax dollars, the Rediculous salaries of the law makers and politicians that dont even do their jobs, etc. These are the things that people shoud be outraged.

    This is so rediculous that because some people abuse the system that the people who are truly working hard and bettering themselves get lumped into this pile of “trash” that everyone wants to make us out to be. Sheesh, again I willl say I sure wish I could get freaking CHILD SUPPORT! If I was on welfare they would sure get some child support for me….. go figure!

  46. We have been affected by the loss of CalWorks 3 program. I cannot begin to tell you the Earth shattering effect that occurred here in East San Diego yesterday. Two women, visibly shaken by the ordeal atempted to console one another until one worker vomited on my floor. There isn’t a recourse for these good folks who worked to keep themselves off the walefare system? I believe the Governor should have given a six month program stay of execution to permit families and child care workers time to devleop and implement a plan of action. Instead the Governor pushed 60,000 families or at least 81,000 children back toward the welfare system, after an exceptional program attempted to force people forward.

  47. i agree with you Lacey, Serendipity and Here we go again. i, too, have utilized this program, have received the letters and have spent many a sleepless night. but, i did continue working, went on to pay for daycare myself. providers providing daycare, ask your parents what they can afford. i have a hard time with parents (not all) becoming so dependent on the program that they have nothing to fall back on because most if not all of it has been provided for them. a lot of these families have their children in private school daycare, why should my tax dollars go for their tuition when my children didn’t get the opportunity. the program is to help not do it all. many people i have met along the way feel it is their GOD given right to have the program do everything for them because they HAVE children but now they’re worried about not having it anymore. but they are living well, driving new (fixed up) cars, have “roommates/family” living with them and not saving one dime for a situation like this. saving is not out of the question if recipients have had help from this. i didn’t live with my nails done, hair done or new car(s). i walked many times, in the rain and heat, lived off of coupons and asked for a lot help. are illegals part of the problem? yes to an extent but placing blame on someone else when you knew this would not last forever and now forever has come to an end is not the answer.

  48. I can see Lacey’s point. There should be time limits for Stage 3. It is suppose to be temporary assistance but from I understand families stay on for the long term. It is so easy to get caught up knowing that there the government is there to fall back on. Would these families continue on this path knowing that it was a one shot deal? Regarding Serendipity’s point – I also agree. For those who have family members watching their children, why do they need to get paid in order to watch them? Would they not watch them otherwise? There are some really low income families who really really need the assistance and they dont have the family support (wanting to be paid) who are just waiting to be served. Also, while there may be legit cases, but what about all the fraud and abuse that happens with non-licensed providers?

  49. A lot of people have made valid points and i’m glad that so many of the single parent families effected by this thoughtless decision have posted. I never wanted to be a welfare statistic. I was forced to apply for welfare in 2004 when I went on maternity leave with the second child. I received a promotion after returngin to work and decied to return the state’s check. I wanted away and not to look back. It’s funny how they forced me to open a child support case against the absent parent but never worked to collect support. When I got off assistance, i followed up and was told collection was not a priority because i was not receiving assistance. I filed a case on my own and had to pay all of the court fees. After doing the County’s work, I eventully started receiving support in 2008.
    My hourly position, no benefits or childsupport forced me to stay on assistance for only 6 months. Which I was pleased to get off. With multiple promotions and stability I was able to work fulltime and go to school full time. Contrary to beliefe, as a stage 3 family, I pay $92 per week toward the provider’s rate while the government picks up the difference. I am grateful for this help because I have become very successful. I was able to purchse my first home this year but with that comes alot more expenses. I can’t phathom what I will do by Nov 1 because despite working for a local city government and grossing $4000 including child support, we do not get the cost of living raises as elected officials, we have mandatory furlough paymetns deducted and health insurance costs(not free medi-cal). I am very self supporting despite being on stage 3. I don’t even qualify for WIC or Foodstamps and never got low-income housing or state preschool for my 3 three year old. So governor, should I quit what I have worked so hard for and return to welfare to reap the benefits that are not deserved by self-sustainable/single parents? He should applaud the families for evolving into a position of not needing financial assistance. In order to continue to build the econmy, these families need to work. I can see a new increase in unemployment rates and welfare applicants now. Thanks governor by stretching my tax dollars that much further!

  50. I am a single mother of two children. I have been affected by the stage 3 budget cuts. I net about $1800 a month, which is enough for myself and two kids to survive on, but certainly not enough to afford full price child care. I am also attending school so that I no longer have to rely on the government for help. In the meantime I am left without many options. What am I supposed to do, quit my job and get cash aid and food stamps? That doesn’t make sense to me.

  51. talk to your provider about what you can afford. they will work with you because they are in the boat as you with all that they stand to lose.

  52. Unfortunately the only providers that are going to be willing to work out a payment arrangement are those with little mom and pop home daycares and family members who are providing care. The actual Child care facilities are not going to make special arrangements with people because they really dont have to. There might be many of us affected by the stage 3 cuts but the number of people who actually pay out of pocket for their child care outweighs us in numbers and those self pay customers will keep these businesses afloat. Another point that I will make is that trying to make arrangements for cheaper care is an idea but merely that-an idea. When what you are making doesnt even cover your cost of living then how are you suppoed to come up with even half of your child care costs?

  53. Wow. I am so tired of paying for other peoples 4 – 6 kids. Please use better judgment. THE GOVERNMENT OWES YOU NOTHING!

    (by the way my daughter is not collecting cash aid,foodstamps nor medi-cal just needed a little help with day care till her son turned school age in six months)


  56. I totally agree i was a stage 3 childcare recipient, I am currently in school and work part time to care for my child who is 6 years old. I am broke as all get out can barely afford food after the bills are all paid. Now i am behind on my rent and all my bills and face eviction due to the childcare I now have to pay. I don’t want to lose my job, but at the same time I don’t want to be homeless!!! Why is it that the people that are not sitting on there asses getting welfare are really working hard in school and work and get about unfair!!! Oh and they say I make too much for food money or cash aid, but I don’t make enough to eat after bills..Arnold dosen’t know how it feels, he gets his fat checks and sits high and mighty!!! Wish we could terminate his ass like he did to our childcare!!!

  57. Wow the judge put added an additional week for help with childcare. Well I wrote a letter to stating that they need to cut fund on section 8. I do not have help w/ low income housing I just had help w/ my daycare & I pay for all my own health care w/ kaiser for me & my kids thru my employeer of years which is the same amount of time I have been off of aid. A lot of people on section 8 also have aid & free health care, also the family size differs from 1 to 5 or more kids, some single parent & even 2 parents. I think that if they have 2 parents they do not need section 8, & if the child is 16 they do not need childcare & so that should disqualify them for that child & pay more in rent or if have more children then average the income that they need to pay. I struggle to pay my own rent & bills every month always making payment arragements on sdg&e etc. & I have no home phone, cable or internet so if I have an emergency I will have to wake up one of my neighbors, I have no car payment little sacrifices like that I have to make to help feed my kids & have a roof over there head. By making that cut back on section 8 will help add fund to important childcare fund needed for families. I do not believe in the government, they would rather help immigrants which the U.S. began is w/ immigrants coming here for opportunity. I have been placed in many situations & meeting many people to know that they favor immigrants more that U.S. citizens. My kids father is an immigrant & so is a lot of his family some live in TJ, or here w/ green cards & visas etc. & they get more help than me w/ on child & I have 3. I have no help from my kids father he lives in TJ. I do not want to get of point but just throwing some examples out there why I know it is not fair. But I can say I am a hard worker as much I should work 2 jobs, how would that fix things w/ my children who need love & support I am the mom & the dad & I need to make sure that they turn out desent not doing bad things pls give me your opinions, I am very open minded person.

  58. It makes me sick that people that we put into office can’t see beyond their nose. We are cutting child care from familes who only make enough money just to buy groceries. How stupid are the people becoming that are supposed to be educated that we vote into office to run our country and protect us. . Why is it that the prisons are filled with people who can go to school, have dental, hospital, all meals, clean clothes and live like they are on vacation. Some even get the sex change at our cost, but families that are trying to make a honest living are being cut. Why aren’t these programs cut. Why do we have to foot the bill for people that break our laws and or are illegal citizens while the American people (citizens) suffer. Is this a joke!! I also believe that anyone voted into office should only have one term and if they want their position back they need to be voted in by the people. I am sick of feeding child molesters, rapists, murderers and etc. while I watch innocent families suffer. I want my money to go to families that are trying. Schwartzneger should have stayed in the moves, but actually he didn’t do that good their either.

  59. Hey Josefina…..I am tired of paying for all your illegal family members to cross the boarder and drain my Country…… HURTFUL ISNT IT? Get your head out of the place that doesnt shine. YOU ARENT SUPPORTING ANYONE’S KIDS! These families are supporting their children and having quality child care is owed to us by the Government. It is Early Childhood Education….no different than the public school education that everyone is entitled to. But damn, I guess you would rather you whole whopping two cents goes toward a crack heads pipe then to a child having an educational foundation and a safe place to be while their parent(s) WORK THEIR A$$ off………. YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK, GOODBYE!!!!!!!

  60. Where is it in the Consitution that says if you can’t find your own way in this world as an adult that the rest of society should take care of you? It is one thing to need reasonable assistance and a leg up but it is absurd and pathetic to expect sympathy from the public by complaining about the government not taking care of YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES as an adult. Take responsibility for bearing children. Find a way. This country was built on people finding a way and not whining complainers demanding that us responsible citizens pay their way.

  61. I have read every post on here above mine & see that people on both sides of this issue have opinions that are very far away from what is factual or realistic.In every “group” of human beings,there is going to be a mix of those who are honest & productive,& those who are not.It is a shame for sure,but you do not eliminate something because there are those who are abusing the privilege. If Thomas,Mike,& Lacey can find their magic wands that will make all as perfect as them our problems are solved.If not,for many working parents there will be no other option but to go back on welfare.It doesn’t matter what should,could,or would…it is either continue to help with daycare or welfare.What would you rather pay toward?Is anyone entitled to this?No,but people still need it.It is angering to see people get life handed to them because they screwed up,but that is not always the case.When I was a senior in high school my only parent passed away,& becasue I had just turned 18 & was not pregnant I did not qualify for assistance.I put myself through school & did not have my children until I was married,working,& comepletely self sufficient.I had to give up everything,including my job, to flee from a relationship that became dangerous after I had children.I applied for assistance out of desperation but used all of its resources to get back to work asap.I know women though who avoided working until they used up all of their time.They were able to do this because they had assistance to pay for everything:section 8,utilites,food,clothes,plus they had family to help.Those moms are now safe from losing childcare because they did not graduate to stage 3 like I did…but I am the one who is going to lose the help.I do not have family to help or child support,I don’t have assistance of any kind for anything else,I am not lazy or uneducated,& I did not get pregnant when I was a child & proceed to have multiple children I couldn’t support.I had a plan that didn’t work out & 2 children to support.There are so many other things that could have been cut first like somone else on here said like making stage 1 & 2 being shortened,or benefits for persons in jail…why the ones who are trying to make it who don’t have other options?

  62. Thanks Mommy of 6 for your passion, informed opinion and chosen field of work. Much appreciated!

  63. Stupid government, they gave us back the childcare help, & noticed people really needed the help. I hopw others did not loose there job cause they had to quit.

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