Spaghetti Tacos

The kids of iCarly

Even if you haven’t heard of them yet, your tween has – and they want you to make them for dinner.  Spaghetti tacos are making their debut in tween kitchens across America, thanks to the originality of Carly’s older brother in iCarly – a show on Nickelodeon. Surely, you’ve heard of iCarly. It’s the show based on a group of teens that have created an online TV show that is all the rage, onscreen and off. My kids are huge fans. So when Spencer (the older brother) came up with spaghetti tacos for a food contest, the carbilicious phenomenon became a hit with my kids.

And it became apparent that I would never hear the end of it until I made the dang things.

I know, I know. Noodles in a taco? Believe me, I was thinking the same thing. First of all, how good is it really? I mean, spaghetti on its own is delicious. And I’m a big fan of tortillas. Tacos pretty much rock. But spaghetti tacos? I wasn’t so sure about this. Plus, it just seemed like carb overload. I actually managed to put it off for awhile until finally my son decided enough was enough.

“You promised!”

I will spare you the details of the actual temper tantrum that ensued to save him the embarassment of actually going ballistic over something as trivial as spaghetti tacos. I also will fail to mention said tantrum to avoid admitting that I caved and made the stupid tacos just to get him to stop hassling me about them.

At any rate, the tacos were made, and they were…..pretty good. I ended up adding as much meat as possible to the sauce to ensure that enough protein could be found amidst the carby noodles and taco shells. And due to the fact that I didn’t have crunchy taco shells, we used the soft corn tortillas. I could have fried them to recreate the crunch. But I thought that having tacos filled with noodles was bad enough. So we ate them pan fried with cooking spray. Bonus: the tacos were incredibly quick to make, and we had dinner in less than 20 minutes.  Final analysis on how they tasted?

“Like spaghetti in a taco shell,” says DQ.

If you’re looking for a recipe, iCarly has one for you.  But if you’d rather wing it, go for it.  It’s just spaghetti in a taco shell, afterall.

Will spaghetti tacos be entering your kitchen anytime soon?


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