Moms Night Out

A dancer waiting for class at Wine Country Dance

Jana Harrison is a mom to three who had a vision of bringing different styles of dance into the Healdsburg and Windsor area. Formerly of Healdsburg, Jana’s family lived several years in New York City. During their stay, Jana’s daughter had enjoyed being a part of a dance class that offered a variety of different styles. But upon their return to Healdsburg, they were dismayed to find that there was no other class quite like the one they left behind. Instead of kicking back with a “c’est la vie” attitude, Jana decided to change all that. Hence, Wine Country Dance opened their doors on August 23rd of this year, offering lessons in hip hop, jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary, cheer dance, and choreography. Classes are available for students of all ages; there are even classes especially for little tykes as young as 18 months. Laney Price, who has studied dance since she was 5 years old, has been hired on as Head Instructor and Creative Director. And the studio has become a space where kids, including Jana’s three daughters, can find their own passion and expression through the art of dance.

On Thursday, November 11th, Jana will be hosting her monthly Mom’s Night Out – a brilliant event for “women only” to freely move in the essence of jazz, leaving the kiddos and hubbies at home. The time is from 7-8:30pm. The first 55 minutes are dedicated to the dance class. The last 35 minutes will be enjoying some tasty nibbles from Jana’s husband and a fellow PD blogger, Proximal Kitchen’s Scott Kerson.

Speaking of the food… I must give a shameless plug to the Proximal Kitchen. You honestly have to check out the mouth-watering morsels he put together for the last Mom’s Night Out.
Salmon Roe, Salty Vodka Whipped Cream, & Dill on Yukon Gold Potato.
Smoked Wild Salmon, Lemon Creme Fraiche, & Chives on Yukon Gold Potato.
Prosciutto, Fig-Olive Tapenade, Pt Reyes Bleu, & Rosemary Blossoms on Costeaux Sweet French.

(Excuse me if I am gushing, but if it earns me free samples, then by all means, there is more where that came from)

The cost for the Mom’s Night Out event is an easy $10 if you register by November 8th, and $15 after that. Call 433-5522 or email with any questions or to register. This month is dedicated to Jazz Dance.  Future events might be different. 

Wine Country Dance is located at 474 Moore Lane in Healdsburg.  Visit their website at for more information on classes, or on present and future events.


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  1. Hey SR Mom – we love the gushing, shameless and otherwise, and it most definitively earns you and your readers samples! We also like to answer special requests concerning just about anything in the kitchen from North Bay Moms everywhere…

    – the PK staff

  2. Do you know why men do not have a “Dad’s night out?” I don’t either, but I think it has someone to do with the fact that we generally don’t go through any sort identify crisis AC(after children).

  3. You do have a Dad’s Night Out: Monday Night Football, several nights of baseball a week, poker nights…. And if you want, you can even put together a dance night for the boys. But they might look at you funny if you show your jazz hands at the Sports Bar.

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