Top 12 favorite posts of the year

It’s been quite a year. And of the roughly 200 posts I wrote this year, there were several of them that stood out. Take a journey through 2010 with me….

January: Someday
At the beginning of the year I delved a little bit into my past, talking about what life was like when I first started out on my own after marriage. And being that I was on the strictest budget of my life, I got into a nasty habit of viewing my dreams as something I would “someday” obtain. Of course, that “someday” was starting to look a little more like “never”. But a special Christmas present of plates changed that “someday” to something more than possible, and even to something that looked a lot more like “now”.

February: To everything there is a season
As we age, many changes happen in our lives. People come, people go. Kids grow up. Life changes. Sometimes these changes are wonderful. And when they are, the whole world shines. But sometimes these changes are NOT wonderful. And they can hurt more than anything. But to everything, there is a season – from the spring of our lives when things flourish and grow, to the winter when we let go of those things that no longer fit into our lives. This post is probably the most poignant post I wrote all year long.

March: Loving the Bully
This was the year when the focus of the community was on bullying. And there always seems to be thoughts on how to survive being bullied, or what to do to get rid of them. But the thing is, I firmly believe in the fact that much of bullying is due to the bully’s back-story. What if, instead of hating on the bully, we took the time to find out what was going on in their lives to make them lash out?

April: A new addition to our family
How a tiny little fluffball changed this cold-hearted non-animal person into a crazy cat lady. And because of this precious little cat, I now know way more about every parasite known to cat than I ever would have otherwise.

May: Surviving Single Parenthood
First and foremost, this blog is the story of parenting. But much of that has to do with single parenting, since that is something I have come to know very much about. And along my journey as a single parent, there are some huge tips I have learned that I passed along in this blog article. If you are a single parent, this is the one article I strongly urge you to read.

June: Girls will be boys
Perhaps it’s because I raised my daughter with just as many cars and colors of blue as I did dollies and pink colors, but I will never know what it’s like to raise a girly-girl. But fortunately, that’s not such a bad thing. Many girls are growing up in a more gender neutral environment. Some of these girls still grow up to prefer things that are feminine. And some girls, like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, prefer to be more of a boy. However, this became a real hot topic. By promoting gender neutrality, could parents actually be found guilty of pushing their kids away from being who they really are?

July: The SEX talk
Quite possibly the most embarrassing post so far. Of course, it was meant to talk about how my kids were mortified. In the end, however, it was ME that was red in the face.

August: Boys and fighting
A friend of mine was struggling with what to do about her son who seemed curious about fighting – to the point of actually agreeing to fight another kid…just because. And it made me wonder, why do boys fight? And how should we, as parents, react to fighting?

September: The fun of yakking kids
There are up sides to parenthood. The kids getting the flu IS NOT ONE OF THEM. Before I had kids, this was probably my biggest fear when I thought about what it would be like to have kids. I mean, kids throw up. And who was going to have to clean up their puke? ME! That was just too much to handle. Of course, kids came along anyway. And as to be expected, they happened to get the flu…

October: I love you
This is one of my favorites, the one to go “Awww!” to.

November: 51,419
At the beginning of the year I wrote about things I would do “someday”, and how I had come to the realization that “someday” needs to eventually become today. In November I was able to check the most important goal off of my bucket list. And it’s motivation for me, and for you, that anything can be achieved.

December: A brand NEW year
My New Year’s wish to you – a chance to start fresh and live each day as if it were a New Year, seeing the beauty in new beginnings and all that the year has to offer.

Thank you to every one of you who have been keeping up with me and my family, and reading on my musings about parenthood – from those of you who are reading this post as their first to those of you who have read every single one. It’s been an awesome year, and I’m looking forward to the next!


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