Recap 4/14

Have you entered our contest? You only have until Sunday!

Howdy parents! Just a heads up, I’m going to be slightly aloof this week, being that I am elbow deep in moving boxes, moving in with Mr. W this weekend. I do hope you’ll keep the boards hopping by sharing your thoughts, opinions, advice and more in the forums and on our Facebook Fan Page. Here’s what’s going on so far this week:

Mother’s Day Contest!
We’re in our second week of our Mother-Daughter Look-a-Like Contest! If you have a daughter, you’ll want to submit your photo to enter this contest. Prizes are a poolside soiree for up to 20 people, or a Spa Day for two. Did I mention there’s also a Pure Luxury limo that will bring you to Club One? I think this is one contest you’re going to want to enter. But hurry, you only have till Sunday, April 17th to enter.

Spring Spheres
Oh, you haven’t heard of those? You might know them by their other name – Easter Eggs. One school has decided that an Egg Hunt shouldn’t be linked with Easter to make things politically correct for those who don’t celebrate Easter. Does this make sense to you? Or is it going too far in the PC movement?

Imaginary Friends
I didn’t expect some of the sweetest stories I’ve ever heard over on our Facebook page, but there they are – tales of kids who have imaginary friends and how parents play along. Does your child have an imaginary friend too? Share with us!

Easter Basket
I don’t know about you, but I am eagerly awaiting to see what the Easter Bunny has in store for me and the kids this Easter. How about you? What do you expect to find in there?

Infant Sleep Solutions
If you have a little one, you undoubtedly have sleep issues going on, right? The Doula Connection, along with My Baby News, are presenting a talk on the issue TONIGHT at this month’s Speaker Series. And if you’d like your sleep back, you won’t want to miss it.

Merging without marriage
This weekend I’m finally biting the bullet and taking the plunge. No, not marriage. But Mr. W and I are moving in together and merging families. Due to many different opinions arising over this issue, I’m opening the floor to those who’d like to share how they feel about couples in general who choose to shack up before marriage. Are you totally against it? Do you see no problem with it? Are you one of those who are also “living in sin”? Leave a comment in my blog and share your thoughts on merging families before marriage.

Have a wonderful week, wish me luck in my move, and I wish you well in all your busy lives! See you on the forums!

Crissi Dillon

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One thought on “ Recap 4/14

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  1. Movin-in & doing it publicly… This is so different, part of the changing ‘normal’.
    I lived with both the women I married before marriage but it was just something we did rather than brag about it. We did get married.

    I’m not against it, just noticing the new ‘normal’.
    Best of luck to you!

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