recap for 4/28

Curb your snack cravings with some healthy alternatives!

Tips for keeping out of the snacks, Kate’s somewhat gross lunch habit, and having coffee with my dad, as well as some really fun events going on this weekend. Check out what’s going on over at this week!

Vote for your Top 10!
We’re down to our Top 10 mom and daughter look-a-likes! Visit the contest site and vote for your favorite. The winner will be announced next week, and will win either a Spa Day for two, or a Poolside Soiree for up to 20 guests total! Good luck to any of you who made it to the finals!

5 tips to curb mindless grazing
Now that Easter is done, it’s time to get your hands out of those Easter Baskets and other snacky foods, and curb your mindless grazing. After all, bathing suit season is right around the corner! Here are 5 tips for ending the binge attacks.

Conquer food cravings
Further on the mindless grazing list is how to conquer food cravings. Here are some really great suggestions I found for keeping you from obsessing over food by replacing it with an activity. Read on for more.

Kate Gosselin repacks kids’ uneaten sandwiches
On the food topic is one of school lunches. Isn’t it frustrating when your kid comes home with the lunch you made for them that morning UNEATEN? Kate Gosselin deals with her kids’ school-time pickiness by packing the same sandwich in her kids’ lunches – sometimes up to 4 days in a row! Her ex-husband, Jon, disagrees with this method. Do you?

Coffee with Dad
Despite the caffeine issues for kids, I started drinking coffee at age 13. But it became a point of connection with my dad at a time when we had little to connect on. Read more about it in my blog.

Fun events
Don’t miss out on some events that are happening this weekend. Here is just some of what you can find in our Events Calendar:
April 29th – May 1st – Worth WeeCycling
Save some money while doing good for the planet at this awesome sale of gently-used family items.
April 30th – Kids Fishing Derby
Take the kids for a fishing expedition at Lake Ralphine in Santa Rosa! Fishing equipment required.
May 1st – Blossom, Bees, and Barnyards
Spend an afternoon discovering our county’s sustainable food and agriculture.

Have a wonderful week, and I’ll see you on the forums!

Crissi Dillon


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