recap 5/19

Take a moment and look outside. Do you see that sky? I’ve sent Mother Nature a note that we’re tired of the cold weather and would like the sunshine to stay. Judging that it should be sunny well past the weekend (including at this weekend’s Rose Parade), I think she listened. You’re welcome.

Check out what’s going on over at this week:

A ban on circumcision will be on this November's ballot. How will you be voting?

Circumcision Ban on ballot
Much debate is going on over this issue. A San Francisco man has gathered enough signatures to allow a Ban on Circumcision to make it to the ballot this November, regardless of religious or personal beliefs. If it passes, anyone guilty of circumcising their under-18 son could face a fine of $1000 or time in jail. Many moms are up in arms – on both sides. Would you support a ban on all circumcision, or would you vote against it?

Talking puberty with kids
While many families have been preparing their kids for the changes they will be going through as they grow, 5th grade marks the first time it is introduced in the classroom. Classroom Sex Ed at this age focuses on puberty, but it can bring about many questions that will lead to the sex talk. I’ve listed some tips on having “The Talk” with your son or daughter, and would love further input from you.

Showering with kids – when to stop?
Taking a bath or a shower can be a fun bonding experience with your kids. But there comes a point when they do have to end. When did it end for you? Was it when you decided they were too old? Did they make the choice themselves? When should parents stop showering with their kids?

Kids and parents, friends or not?
One blog I read recently stated that parents should NEVER be friends with their kids. They state all the roles a parent should play for their children, but that “friend” should not be one of those roles. Would you agree?

Daughter bullied at school
One of our moms mentioned the trouble her daughter is facing at school with bullies, and how the school doesn’t seem to be helping. Can you relate with her experience?

Babysitter needed
Another mom is new to the area, and is looking for recommendations on babysitters. Reply to the posting if you can help.

Discounted membership at children’s gym
My Gym Santa Rosa, an active member of, is the latest company who is offering a deal at They are offering a majorly discounted price for a one-month membership at their gym – just in time for the summer when you’ll likely be scrambling for fun things to do with the kids. But the deal ends today. Be sure to head over to the and purchase your deal before it’s too late!

And, of course, there are some fantastically exciting events going on this weekend! This Saturday marks the 117th year of the Luther Burbank Rose Parade and Festival. And (thanks to Mother Nature) the weather should be gorgeous for a fantastic day! It also is the annual Free Kids Walk in Sebastopol as part of the iWalk movement. Saturday is also Family Day at the Sonoma County Museum, and admission is free.
See more events by visiting the Events Calendar. And if you have events to share, be sure to add them in (or drop me a note) so families can be let in on fun activities in Sonoma County!

Have a wonderful week, and I’ll see you on the forums!

Crissi Dillon

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