Recap 5/26

Summer means succulent strawberries - from tasty pies to the fun festival this weekend!

School is just about out! This week and next, kids all over will be counting down the minutes to that final bell – the official start of their summer vacation. For some, this is a sad time – our thoughts are with all of you over at Ursuline who will be saying goodbye to your school for good. For some, this is a reason to celebrate – congratulations to all you parents of grads, and to your graduates! And for many, it’s the start of either a really great time of year (woohoo, no more school projects!) or a season of dread (these kids are driving me batty!). To all of you, have a wonderful and safe end of your school year, and a happy summer vacation!

Here’s what’s going on over at this week:

Strawberry season has officially started! I’ve gathered up a few great posts on strawberries from a couple very talented food writers. And we also have the Russian River Strawberry Festival to look forward to. What is your favorite way to eat (or drink!) strawberries?

What Gender Lines?
In an effort to teach tolerance, a school in Oakland has taken on a unique lesson that they are presenting to the younger grades. Much of the lesson talks about the characteristics of boys and girls, and how sometimes boys and girls like things that are generally associated with the opposite gender. This is on the heels of the little boy in the J Crew ad who likes pink toenail polish, the storybook based on the true story of a little boy who wears dresses, and a boy who wanted to be a girl for Halloween – resulting in his dismissal from his preschool. However, parents of the Oakland school are upset that this lesson is being taught to their kids without their permission.

No-gender baby
And in the movement of gender-neutral parenting, a couple is raising their 4 month old baby without a gender at all. They are keeping the gender of their baby secret to avoid any kind of stereotypes being placed on its head. Is this a revolutionary way to parent? Or is it going too far?

SAHM = household slave?
Being a SAHM (stay-at-home mom) has its advantages. You can spend plenty of quality time with your kids, and have a first-hand opportunity in raising your kids. You have the time to get things done around the house. And the family is ensured of a manager that makes certain everything runs smoothly. But sometimes, SAHM might feel more like being a household slave just because you’re “not working”. Do you feel like you’re doing everything in the house? Or are the household responsibilities evenly shared between you and your spouse?

Summer Camp
With summer vacation just around the corner, you’re no doubt still looking for things to do for your kids. Ever considered summer camp? I’ve reviewed one camp that our family is particularly fond of. But hurry, the registration closes soon.

I hope you all have a wonderful week (and a safe graduation for all of you exiting high school and college!). See you on the forums!

Crissi Dillon

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