recap 6/23

Take advantage of the quiet, go out and party, watch anything on TV but kids' shows... What do you do when the kids are away?

Happy summer everyone! I hope all of you are enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having, and have some fun things to do while it’s so gorgeous outside. Here are some of the discussions going on over at Hope you’ll join in on the conversation!

Favorite Independence Day celebrations
It’s that time of year again! I am putting together a list of the events going on around the county in celebration of Independence Day, and would love your input. Which one is the best? What are some tips you can pass on to other families? What’s your favorite memory of going to the event? And then be on the lookout in the next week for a guide to Independence Day parades, BBQs, and of course, fireworks shows around Sonoma County.

Mom spanks, kids taken away
Discipline is one of those hot buttons that is handled differently in every family. Some use Positive Discipline. Others enforce time-outs. Toys or activities can be taken away. And some families, like a mother in Texas, spank their children. Except when the courts caught wind of her form of discipline, her children were taken away. And it made me wonder, could my own children have been taken away from me?

What to do when kids are away?
My kids are gone this whole week as they visit their dad. During this time I have definitely been regrouping and taking advantage of not being a mom. But I miss my little people, and find that sometimes it’s hard to know what to do when they’re gone. A dad said the same thing in the comments, and wonders what a single person should do when their kids are visiting the other parent. Have any suggestions? Share them in the comments on that post.

$110,000 mistake
A man thought he had won the lottery when the IRS accidentally transferred a large amount of money into his account that belonged to another person. Half of it was already spent when the mistake was realized, and now he is facing some huge penalties. But who’s at fault? Join the spirited debate going on right now in the forums. And while there, let us know what you would do with $110,000 if you received it free and clear and could spend it any way you wanted to.

Baby locked up in daycare
A mother waited outside the daycare her daughter was at for nearly 30 minutes before she realized everyone had left and her baby girl was still locked inside. Police are investigating whether charges will be filed. But more shocking than all this is the mother’s reaction. Would your reaction be the same?

Parent-Child Interactive Therapy in Santa Rosa is holding an Open House on Friday, July 24th from 5-7pm at their facility to learn more about their program and if it’s the right fit for your family. PCIT offers support and guidance in effectively parenting children aged 3-6 who exhibit oppositional, defiant, and aggressive behaviors.
Hallberg Butterfly Gardens in Sebastopol is holding their 14th annual Open Gardens Day on Sunday, June 26th from 10am-4pm. Learn about the butterfly life cycle, habitat, and more. Kids will be entertained with activities and crafts, as well as butterfly and bird sightings.
P.S. If you have an event coming up, we moms would love to know about them! Sign up with today and let us know what fun things there are to do in our county!

Have a wonderful week, and I’ll see you on the forums!

Crissi Dillon

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