recap 6/30

Happy 4th of July weekend! There is so much going on this weekend, there’s no excuse for not getting out there and joining in on the excitement! What will you be doing this weekend? A BBQ? Watching fireworks? Camping? Come on by and share in the forums! In the meantime, here’s some things to get you started on your holiday weekend:

Happy 4th of July!

Breakfast Parfait
Even breakfast can be patriotic. And why not make it healthy too? I found this fun recipe for red, white, and blue oatmeal parfaits the kids will just gobble up.

Patriotic Pinwheels
Small kids will especially love the ease of fastening folded paper in a spiral shape to create fun pinwheels to place all around the house in a 4th of July decorating frenzy! Try these ones out today!

Can-Do Stilts
Challenge those noisy firecrackers with some clunky can stilts. These blasts from the pasts should be brought to the present with this patriotic spin. And they’re super easy to create!

BBQ foods galore!
What better way to celebrate our independence than through a BBQ! Guests will scarf up the yummy cupcakes shaped just like corn on the cob. You’ll get a kick out of a lowcal version of some zesty coleslaw. And of course, no BBQ is complete without hot dogs – but how will you be topping yours? Share your BBQ ideas as well in the forums!

4th of July weekend events
Not sure where to watch the fireworks? How about where the best pancake breakfast is? From parades, foot races, BBQs, and of course, fireworks, we have the scoop on where you want to be all over Sonoma County!

Summertime Outdoor Movies
Beyond 4th of July, summertime is when several towns revel in the warmer weather by showing movies in their local parks. We have an ongoing list of who is holding movies, as well as the movies they’ll be showing. The list is updated all the time, so check it out periodically as you plan something fun for the whole family to enjoy.

By the way, our membership has almost reached 800 members! Be a pal and let all your friends know about this growing site on parenting in Sonoma County!

Have a wonderful and SAFE Independence Day weekend, and I’ll see you on the forums!

Crissi Dillon

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