recap 7/14

This has been a really rough week for teenagers and their families. Please hold those you love a little tighter, and let them know how much you love them. Here’s some of what’s going on in the forums this week.

In memory of Takeimi Rao
Many of you have read about the story of Takeimi Rao, the 14 year old girl who passed away at her own slumber party due to an alcohol related accident. This tragedy has enticed some very serious conversations among parents and their teens. I know it has for ours. Read about how I handled it, and share how your family’s conversations have been affected as well.

How YOU can help Takeimi’s family
The funeral for Takeimi Rao is tomorrow, and there is still a lot that needs to be done – specifically a call out for FOOD! Please read how you can help, and let us know if you can assist this family in need.

Live Online Forum on Teen Drinking
At 11am was a live online forum regarding teen drinking. Did you attend? Did anything stand out to you? Let’s chat.

16 year old missing since last Friday
A 16 year old girl has been missing from her home since Friday. I’ve included photos of her on the forum. If you have seen her, or have information about where she might be, her family is pleading with the public to help. If anything, this is a message to be forwarded to everyone you know in hopes that this girl is found.

What to say and NOT to say to your kids
The events of this past week have really shown how short and precious life really is. I have included a list of things we might be guilty of saying to our children (myself included) that we should try not to. And I have included 101 ways to praise our children. After all, can our kids really hear enough how proud we are of them? And can you honestly say that you tell them that enough? Here’s some ways you can.

There will be music, food, performances and more at History Day at the Sonoma County Museum this Saturday, July 16th. And you won’t want to miss out as they clean out their closets and sell vintage collectibles – including furniture, Victorian clothing, and more.
Whole Foods Market will be hosting a Children’s Health Fair this Saturday. Along with a whole day of games, snacks, and nutrition education, don’t miss out on the Zumba at 11:30am and a behind-the scenes tour at 1pm.
Kidz Swap is hosting a photography session at their store from 11am – 2pm on Saturday.
And also on Saturday, kids can ride a real train from 12-4pm at the Youth Community Park on Fulton Rd.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, and SAFE, rest of your week, and I’ll see you on the forums!

Crissi Dillon

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