recap 7/21

Helllloooo moms and dads! I hope you’re having a wonderful week of sunshine and fun! Here’s a peek at what’s going on over at

Best preschools?
A mom is looking for preschool suggestions. Even if you’re also wondering where to go, I suggest you check out this discussion. A lot of really great preschools have been recommended.

Best allergy-friendly restaurants
Those with food allergies sometimes feel that going out to eat is a risky decision. But a new website has been created that helps those with food allergies give and get information on the best and safest places to eat. Get the scoop in the forums!

New BEE!
Everyone, say hello to Amber! She’s just joined up and is looking for other moms of little ones to chat with. She has a 15 year old and a 4 month old. Anyone else have kids with a wide age range? Come make a new friend!

Imperfect Love
Mr. W and I have been living together for a couple months now, and ooh ladies, do I have some stories to tell!

Baby Shower ideas
I’m looking for ideas on gifts for baby showers, as well as stores they can be bought at. What was your favorite gift at your baby shower? Or do you have a go-to gift whenever you’re invited to a baby shower? Do share!

And don’t miss these latest events coming up. On Saturday July 23d, the families on Lakewood Drive are coming together to throw one of the biggest rummage sales Windsor has ever seen. And the Coddingtown Whole Foods is hosting a Healthy Baby demonstration on Saturday where you can learn how to make your own baby food from fresh, whole foods.

Have a wonderful week, and I’ll see you on the forums!

Crissi Dillon

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  1. As far as pre-schools in Santa Rosa are concerned, I cannot say enough good things about Brush Creek Nursery School. It is possibly the first nursery school that existed in Santa Rosa, and because the same staff has been there for many years, it shows that morale among the employees is excellent. Brush Creek is located in an older house in Rincon Valley across from Rincon Valley Jr. High, and the setting is wonderful. My kids are grown now, but I know that many Brush Creek alumni are now sending their own children to this wonderful and nurturing place.

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