2 thoughts on “How to tell the kids you're getting married”

  1. First and foremost…Congratulations!!

    As a single mom with two kids, I understand the “unit” you three represent. It seems to me, looking at this from a non-personal perspective (although secretly hoping to be in your shoes someday!), the reaction of your and Mr. W’s kids comes from a loss of control. At the age they are, they probably relished making certain decisions together as a unit and now, despite how much they may like Mr. W/you, they weren’t a part of the decision to marry even if they were aware of it happening in the near future. My guess is they will jump on the bandwagon sooner or later, but not after making you both “pay” for it with a bit of moping and moodiness. Trust me, it will pass!

    Having been a stepmom in years past, I remember that it took a short while for my stepdaughter to accept the new changes, but several years for my stepson to deal with it. In your case, it sounds like they love the two of you, don’t mind each other, and “sooner” will prevail.

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