Carb lusting

I had a sandwich today. It was horribly amazing, possibly the best thing I’d eaten in a long time.  Because I’ve been Paleo for so long, it occurred to me that I would regret this decision as soon as my protruding wheat belly caught up with me.  But as the juice from the tomato dripped down my arm and the chewy sourdough of the bread flirted with my taste buds, I was perfectly content in the moment.

I regretted nothing.

Totally absorbed in the decadence of my totally carbed up sandwich, I didn’t need electronic gadgets to amuse me or even someone to keep me company.  My book lay closed next to my juicy elbow, and I found solace  in staring straight ahead at the waterfalling fountain in front of me.  As I sat, the sun gently caressed my back, my crowded mind slowly winding down as my mouth filled with Heaven.

Eating like a normal human being is divine. And my pants already feel tighter. But it’s not like all this edible sacrifice has even touched those ten pounds I keep wishing away….  And I swear I ate less today NOT Paleo since my carb craving was finally appeased.  I’m starting to wonder if it’s even worth it to limit my diet so much since all I end up doing as a result is obsess about the foods I can’t eat.  I may have some thinking to do.

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