Lame comments vent

I need to vent. The biggest downer about my job are the people who comment on anything I write (not here, don’t worry. You guys are awesome). It’s like people need to be negative just as much as they need to breathe, and hiding behind an anonymous computer screen allows them to be complete and utter assholes without any form of regret. I had to move this blog from a very public forum for this reason alone, because people were rude and didn’t understand that they were slamming real human beings with lives they only knew a fraction about. I’ve seen readers comment on the news side with the rudest comments to the reporters. Some complain when the articles aren’t put up fast enough, even when some other unnamed news outlet already has something up on their site. And then they complain when the articles are put up fast because they don’t have all the info.

People are so stupid.

Today’s kicker was over an article I wrote over a local musician who has been cast into the spotlight via his hard work of marketing himself, as well his extreme talent. The very first (and only, thus far) comment is from someone wondering why I didn’t write about another such and such band that they love instead.

Seriously, I can’t win.

Anyway, this is only a vent. If you’re going to write for the public, you have to take some of the slack from people who thrive on negativity and learn to ignore it. But still, as a sensitive person who has a hard time not taking offense to the actions of the jackasses of this world, sometimes I just feel like throwing my keyboard at them through the computer screen.


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