A life worth living.

The husband of one of my Facebook friends passed away this last week from a sudden heart attack. Death happens. It's an inevitable part of life that we're known to understand from the very beginning. But when it happens so quickly, it's a really hard truth to swallow.  In the case of my FB friend... Continue Reading →

Imagine a world where children didn’t die.

Imagine there's no Heaven. It's easy if you try. No hell below us, Above us only sky. Imagine all the people Living for today. -Imagine, by John Lennon This was the song that played at the funeral of Jenn Leoy when she died in our 7th grade year. Every time I hear it, I think... Continue Reading →


Mr. W and Frizz left on a very expensive plane ride this morning to get to D’s funeral in Burbank this afternoon. How much does a plane ride cost when bought two days beforehand? $400. Each. Thank goodness for credit cards. I stayed home, mostly because we just can’t afford to buy that many tickets... Continue Reading →

Stealing sunshine.

Over the summer I met a sweet little autistic boy. We had gone to southern California for my sister’s wedding, and Mr. W was excited for me to meet his old roommate from college and his 3-year-old son. From the moment I laid eyes on “D”, I couldn’t help but be enamored with him. He... Continue Reading →

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